Happy Friday…

Happy Friday pride in photos photography

Well another weekend to enjoy…

A bonus inspiration for you…40 Great Photography Sites For Inspiration!

You will see some amazing photography.

Now who doesn’t like to do that?

This should keep you busy this weekend☺

If you took the time to look at some of these unbelievable websites…let me know which one was YOUR favorite?


51 thoughts on “Happy Friday…

  1. Your photos are always lovely and fascinating. I’ve nominated you for the Capture the Colour Photoblogging Challenge 2013. I hope you’ll enter, but there’s no pressure. Do what you feel you have time to do.
    To see my entry, click here: http://ohtheplaceswesee.com/2013/09/29/capture-the-colour-2013/
    To see the Capture the Colour 2013 rules and procedures, go here: http://www.travelsupermarket.com/c/holidays/capture-the-colour/

    Best wishes,
    Rusha Sams
    Oh, the Places We See

  2. Laurie

    Each day I start my day with your inspirational blog. You have such a talent of taking photos and expressing your love of life and our surroundings. We enjoy watching Nolan grow up and looking into those beautiful eyes. Thank you for sharing him with all of us. The photos you send expressing your travels and the history behind them is so interesting. I am learning to appreciate history and our great country more than I did when we had to study it in school. We had so many other things going on then.

    Looking forward to seeing you later for our fun Mah Jongg games.

    Be well. Enjoy your weekend!

    Love Bev

    Sent from my iPad

  3. I just love this site and the share of all those professional photographers is a great one… I learn so much from seeing what others do, not that there are an awful lot of wild life photographers that blog, all being more professional selling photos etc… but this share of photographers is just great…

  4. I was just thanking Edith for reminding me it was Friday with her iphone Friday post, and now I have backup from you! Thought it was Thursday….I keep losing days. And thank you for referring the photography sites, I can’t wait to grab a glass of wine this evening and go through each beautiful photograph. You inspire in so many ways, Laurie!

      • I did a quick scan and dove right into alberto oviedo’s blog. He has such a great vibe, and is obviously in great demand for his work, but he’s able to capture the beauty in simple things. Trees. Birds flying above buildings. Then, bam, he takes you on site to a Levi’s photo shoot. LOVE HIM. I’ll check out the rest tonight….can’t wait.

  5. Thank you, Laurie. Have had a brief look and shared with my photography friends from Open University. Will take a better look over the weekend. Bless you, my dear friend. ♥

  6. What a wonderful gift today. Sorry I have been a stranger – school, work, kids and laundry has me busy, busy, busy BUT! the weekend it here – and I’m get out there and photograph something fall 🙂 Whooo hooo!

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