An Artist In The Making…


Well they say, “Start them young!” Grammie went out and bought Little Man a giant coloring book and waterproof markers…yikes!

I found this delightful HUGE coloring book with stickers at Costco…have I ever told you how much I love this store?

It was a little tricky to fit this coloring book in my suitcase for the airplane trip to Texas.

Papa’s reaction to this purchase was, “Do you think it is big enough?” LOL…

My reaction, “Well we have an artist in the making…they do things BIG in Texas.” Smile!

Look at his toes are curled up…sigh.


Grammie…this is SO fun!!!!

“Little Man”…you have to push REAL hard to get the cap back on!


We are taking this coloring business…serious!

As you can see…the markers are starting to show up elsewhere besides the coloring book…


Our little artist is on his way hopefully to a creative path somewhere in his life.

Here’s to Grammie…having a little influence down the road!

Do you remember anyone in your life, who impacted your creativeness?

Have a great weekend.



57 thoughts on “An Artist In The Making…

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  2. Laurie, your grandson is as adorable as ever. He looks like a natural artist the way he holds the pens. I have my mom to thank for encouraging creativity by her example of just do it;even now she is willing to try new art ideas.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  3. Awwwww Laurie! He is just so adorable and I can see he truly enjoyed the beautiful gift his grammy bought him. Stunning shots once again and thanks for sharing hon. πŸ˜€ *big hugs*

  4. Yes, here’s to Grammie! I never get tired of seeing pics of you Little Man. He is so lucky to have you in his life to love him so much and foster his growth and creativity. I only wish all children had such good fortune.

  5. Cuteness to the max ! I remember colouring for hours as a kid. It was probably a good way for parents to have some quiet time when there was so little television on the air and it’s been winter for 3 months, LOL. My Dad used to draw something for me to colour in. He was actually a really good artist and my brother has inherited that for sure. He’s really artistic. I wish I had some of those drawings. There’s a PS edit that you can take a photo and change it into a pencil drawing, that’d be cool for kids to colour in their own photo’s now. Times are changing, like the markers -vs- little wax crayons. Yet some things, like colouring, will always be fun.

  6. It’s so important to encourage our little ones in all aspects of life…definitely art being one of them. Can’t wait to see his paintings hanging in the Art Institute!! And what a good grammie you are.

  7. Children are never too young to encourage creativity, which you have obviously done. The very best is the third image (on the right) where he is not sure that he is suppose to be doing what he is. They sheepish look is priceless. I also smiled as I noticed the shots where he has swiped himself with tinges of colors. Memorable indeed. Have a joyful weekend.

  8. I hear the joy in your words as you write about this adorable grandson…He is obviously having a good time with your gift and who knows what he might create one day because you started him out with a coloring book and markers….Have fun…

  9. That is so sweet; great memories to share with him when he gets older. I kept a record for awhile of things my boys said that were funny. One day my younger son came across it, and was laughing so hard he almost got the hiccups at the things he said when he was little. Precious.

  10. Be still my heart. Oh, so precious! This reminds me of a post I did about Alex and his “watercolors” a couple of years ago. Oh, your Little Man is so precious, too. I am late coming to the creativity table, but my Little Ones are getting an early start! blessings ~ tanna

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