Let’s Ride the Ducks in Galveston…


If you have been with this blog for awhile…you will know how much I LOVE to RIDE THE DUCKS in every city I visit!

We traveled 15 miles on Galveston Island…oh so fun.


They traveled down Seawall Blvd pointing out many exciting attractions. We went on a water tour. That’s right, it really goes in the water!

We toured Offatt’s Bayou for approximately 15 minutes. Once we hit land again, they showed some of the beautiful 1900’s mansions and the historic downtown Strand shopping district. We saw some of the best shopping, dining and downtown attractions.




On our journey back to the Seawall, we passed through the “Silk Stockings” historical homes district, reputation as the home of Galveston’s prosperous families.

Tucked between Broadway and Seawall Boulevard, the SSNHD boasts a varied collection of historic homes that reflect development from the Civil War through World War II. Outlined by Galveston’s other historic boulevard, Rosenberg (25th Street), SSNHD is roughly composed of fourteen blocks. SSNHD presents some of the best and affordable historic living Galveston has to offer with palm and oak lined streets, a trolley line, and a varied collection of stately manors, Victorian homesteads, and charming cottages. SSNHD reflects a diverse, welcoming community dedicated to preserving, revitalizing and protecting SSNHD’s historic and community character.




Oh boy, Nestle Chocolate Chip Cookies! I am ready…Let’s GO!

The love of chocolate knows NO bounds in our family. As you can see, it starts pretty early.SMILE♥

Did you enjoy our little tour of Galveston Island?

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If you missed Parts 1 & 2 of Galveston, here they are:
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64 thoughts on “Let’s Ride the Ducks in Galveston…

  1. I have never been on a tour where you can remain in the same vehicle and go from land to water … It looks like you had a really good time running around sight-seeing…

    Remarkable post for the letter “R”!

    Thanks for linking,


  2. Wonderful photos, excellent captured – love these ducks – here in Liverpool UK where I use a lot of time, there’re a couple of buslines served by “ducks” too – an amazing way of traveling through a city with both harbor next to the Irish Sea and a river (Mersey)… 🙂

  3. I’ve been to Galveston twice – once a long/long time ago for a conference and then a long time ago on a loop my husband and I made through Texas and the Gulf Coast, and down to Florida. I’ve never seen those tour buses, that go into the water. Sounds like lots of fun! And the historic district is so beautiful! Nice to see your pics! {:-Deb

  4. Love your ducks. Be sure to come to Pittsburgh and ride the ducky tour here! Your weather looks so bright and clean. No gray. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour of Galveston Island and love the last shot for the chocolate chip cookie. Says it all!

  5. I love the photo with the colorful poles reflected in the water! And this is proves I need to travel more … I took a Duck tour in DC but had no idea they were in other cities as well!

  6. Whenever friends and relatives visit DC, we also take the bus/trolley tours but never the duck tours – but looks like we’ll have to try them! I love how they go on land and water…. looks like you and Little Man had the best time!

  7. I hag never been on The Duck, but it sure looks fun! LM looks as if he is having a blast! The chocolate bakery would definitely be a stop on my trip.

  8. It’s been a long time since I visited Galveston — I’ll definitely check out the Ducks when we go back! It’s such a beautiful place and the seafood is so GOOD!!

  9. oh to live near a beach! lovely shots! (thank for your note – yes, I do know my photos are not showing up on the links – sadly, I had to install some code on my blog to not allow google to crawl my site – my BIL & SIL went beserk a few weeks ago and threatened to hack my blog and take it down over one post they didn’t feel I should have written – they and others they asked were spending copious amounts of hours on my blog (over 40 hours) scouring for I don’t know what – so I had to install the code – I will take it off soon, but they are still doing it)

  10. Gosh, this sure looks like fun! You’ve got great photos to remember this marvelous time. We’re tentatively planning a girls’ get together in Galveston next year. I’ve never been so I hope it works out.

  11. Wow! Seriously wonderful , wonderful photos! so vivid! And oh my goodness! What a cutie in the red baseball cap!
    (I have seen these Ducks on tv, but did not realize that they could be found in a number of different cities).

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Stopping over through Ms. Jenny’s Alphabe-Thursday “R”s.

  12. What a beautiful and fun tour! I’ve always wanted to “Ride the Ducks” that are in Branson, MO, but my husband doesn’t want to do it with me ever since he heard of one of them sinking several years ago in another state. 😦

  13. I only saw the Duck ride once and believe never tried on one. For some reason, it looks a bit funny to be on it. The place looks charming and the young man seems to have a very good time 🙂

  14. Ooh, I’ve always been intrigued by Galveston! Did you just go? Fall’s a good time? Riding a DUKW looks fun! More fun, likely, than it was in its original use. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos!

  15. Oh, I most certainly did enjoy my tour… and was thinking how beautiful the photos were… and THEN the Little Man’s smile and clapping hands! Galveston just has nuthin’ on that!! LOL! blessings ~ tanna
    ps nope. aging is NOT for sissies. Laurie, I hope you will find a smooth way through the bumpy changes. hugs.

  16. I did enjoy the tour, very much. But, do tell me, are the palm trees in the first photo really chained to the ground? Is that to prevent theft or to stop them being blown out to sea?

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