Style Guides…A New Feature

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Pride in Photos has a new page added to the blog!

We call it “Style Guides” a handy tool for you to use before your photography session.

This will help and guide you through the clothing selection process.

It will give you examples to pull from, to start your own wheels turning within your family’s wardrobe.

Every month we will be adding/updating new examples to inspire you to work for your upcoming photo session.

Be sure to check out the complete page with all the helpful hints and ideas. You can click here to view it.

Do you think this will give you some inspiration before your next photo session?



28 thoughts on “Style Guides…A New Feature

  1. The last photo session I dressed for was our wedding day, LOL When you don’t have kids, you never think of professional photo’s much. I really do love that dress in the forth studio suggestion…..I better get to Old Navy. Thanks Laurie!

  2. This is a great idea! I find that people really struggle to pull together family looks outside of white and khaki …or jeans and solid shirts. I like the compliments of these looks!

  3. Yes, my love, what we send out returns that light as powerful energy again back is one with the unconditional love, so I wish you a beautiful Monday and everything good for you sending divine blessing you with.I am pleased to have found you on the wide network…The most important item is the health without which there is mostly no longer so good.Sincerely Andrea

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