Pleasure Pier…Galveston Island


A new boardwalk pier built after Hurricane Ike…stunning!


The new carousel is full of brilliant beach colors…




This my friends…is the look of a toddler seeing the ocean for the first time…well in his little memory.

Pure wonderment and joy…


Oh boy…Mommy is letting me touch the wet sand…

When is the last time….you were THIS excited over a simple thing in life?

Thank you for coming back time and time again on this blog. It makes me so happy to see you here.

But for most of all…for the excitement you generously show on our grandson.

Seriously, If I didn’t have some creative outlet for him…I think I would explode…smile☺


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59 thoughts on “Pleasure Pier…Galveston Island

  1. Your photos are so beautiful Laurie, I really love the second one, so colourful ! And your grandson, he is soooo cute ! πŸ™‚

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  3. Such beautiful crisp photos…and especially ones of that adorable little one. How fun to see the innocence of a child and their pure wonderment. Very nice. πŸ™‚

  4. I can’t believe that whole amusement park is on a pier!! wow!
    and yes .. the amazed look when seeing the ocean is wonderful! Wait til he sees that someday. πŸ™‚

  5. The first beach trip is always so memorable! I can remember our daughter being both excited and frightened. The fear quickly dissolved and she loved it since. Little man looks adorably happy!

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  7. Wonderful photos. I can get excited on a regular basis by big and small things alike. The sad part is that as we grow up we learn not to show it — to be cool and sophisticated πŸ˜‰ Fooey to that!

  8. Oh! Those photos are wonderful! and Little man! He is so darn cute with those beautiful blue eyes. . . You have to share!!!!!!!!!!! We love to see him! and your love just shines through. I love your blog and your amazing talent! and your family. After all what are friends for???

  9. Your little man is just so adorable and I know you will treasure these photos of his first visit to the ocean….The color in your shots is just breathe taking; such a beautiful carousal….

  10. OMG – so many photos remind me of the Jersey shore …. before Hurricane Sandy. Thanks for the walk down memory lane …… through the eyes of a child, of course!

  11. Galveston Island is gorgeous through your lens, Laurie. I really think the City of Commerce ought to pay you for posting these photos. The little guy is just handsome!

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