Bring Out The Big Gun…


Hello my friend!  Just wanted to let you know we have arrived back home safe and sound!


I wanted to try a different experiment on this trip. I brought out the big gun…you know the big boy camera on the plane.


You should of seen the peoples reaction when you pull out this boy to take a picture on the airplane!

Pretty hilarious, I must say.

I have so much to show you from our trip in the next few weeks.

We celebrated our 17th Wedding Anniversary and still happy to be taking this journey together.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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65 thoughts on “Bring Out The Big Gun…

  1. NIce window shots…I think the the cameras AF struggles thru the multiple glass. Yours look pretty good…maybe I missed something. “Big Gun”? I suppose that means a DSLR. and If you are referring to a Pro body, yes – that would get some looks.

  2. HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY – glad you arrived home safely after hanging out in the clouds with the big guns – ssssh hope you didn’t say “gun” inflight, otherwise you might have had to pull out ‘lil man from the carry-on bag for him to explain….

  3. I believe you, I had the same experience the other day. 🙂
    Good to have you back home again. Many Happy ♥ Returns to the two of you. Never stop celebrating love ♥ life and each other.
    Big hug across the Pond

  4. I am so glad you had a wonderful time on your trip and I will certainly look forward to seeing photographs….Happy Anniversary to you…..When they give you that look you should just turn the big boy on them…hahaha

  5. Happy Anniversary dear Laurie! Great shots, I love to see clouds from above… you’re a brave soul to bring out your big camera on the plane. When traveling I’ve had to replace mine with a diaper bag these past several years 😉 But as the boys are getting older, I’ll think about bringing it with me again…

  6. I love the thought of you on the plane getting your camera out. It is one thing I keep forgetting to do on our trips but we have another coming up this autumn and so I shall try to make sure I try to get some midair shots


  7. I was slightly disappointed… I was sure when I came by this morning there would be Little Man photos. 😉

    I’m sure there were some “looks” with the big gun! LOL! Love those tail shots. Congratulations on seventeen years and wishing for this one to be the best yet, Laurie. blessings ~ tanna

  8. Looks like clear sailing on the marriage front and in the air. Happy Anniversary to you both! BTW, I didn’t know wings were shaped like that, I hardly ever have enough nerve to look out the window.

  9. Glad you got home safe and sound! I always take my big camera with me (to keep it safe!) and pull it out for pics if I get a window seat, my seat mates must think I am nuts!

  10. I never tire of the sight of an airplane, whether close up or far away. Wonderful shots and even more wonderful that you’re celebrating your anniversary!

  11. Congrats on your anniversary! I love seeing marriages get longer and better. Great wing photos! The closeup of the winglet is great. Note the paint at the very top and leading edge has some paint torn off by the air pressure. Which camera did you use?

  12. I can imagine how people react. I think sometimes that are not a good thing or people get very defensive. At the same situation if you pull out a compact camera or camera from your phones people do not seem to care.

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