Happy Labor Day!…

Happy Labor Day

We hope this weekend has been extra special for YOU!

An extra day to spend with family and friends…makes this girl…SO happyβ™₯


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47 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day!…

  1. Can’t get much more relaxing than vegging on the recliner all day and watching the golf tourney! I KNOW you’ve had a great weekend. Can’t wait to see details.

  2. Enjoy the day and your family. We’re about to have an entire day of rain. We’re over our quota for the season. Isn’t Mother Nature a mystery. I like the feeling of solitude in your image–tranquilizing.

  3. Laurie, I love that photo. The DOF, the color, the grasses, and boat. Nice!! Enjoy your day! I’m back from a quick trip to watch the Hokies play football in Atlanta. Fun trip …

  4. I loved your article , which is why I followed you to, as I wish to keep track of your blog and see what else you have to offer the blogging world πŸ™‚
    Thankyou in advance and I hope to talk to you more often.
    All the best

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