Weekend Warrior…


Don’t you just love a Sunday drive? No hurries or worries…just you, me and the camera.

On this particular day, we felt like warriors…needing to capture some great images.

When we found this gorgeous spot out in the country…in our neck of the woods…this scene is something you just don’t see everyday! This girl yelled…Hee Haw!

I am sure you knew where my mind went to next right?!

Yes, Texas…where our little man lives. See over there…where they do everything BIG…this is NOT a rarity.


Our next find was a nature carved creation…

In my opinion, it looks like a beaver…see the beady eyes, the pointed nose and his claws?

Look at all the colors on top of his head.

Tarzan says to me, “You have quite the active imagination!”

I need your help…what do you think this looks like? I know I am not the ONLY one with an creative imagination right?! HELP…


We found a new friend…a Gopher Turtle. I love how they move real s.l.o.w…so you can capture a nice image. He didn’t seem at all scared, he let us stand there and take as many photos of him as we wanted. Very cordial ole fellow.

Tip of the Day for Bloggers/Photographers:

Idea for action framing…

When there is motion, such as a turtle walking or running, you need to give space in the frame for the motion to move into.

The turtle was moving down in his burrow, to the top of the image. So you need to leave room for him to move forward in the image.

We hope you had a delightful weekend?

Remember, to leave your thoughts on our carved animal…what does it say to YOU?


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54 thoughts on “Weekend Warrior…

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  2. With those amazing colors, I’d say iguana/chameleon – definitely one of those lizards! Seems it really adapted to the environment… nature is amazing πŸ™‚

  3. Stunning shots as usual Laurie and nothing better than a Sunday drive like that. I am very glad you and Tarzan enjoyed. πŸ˜€
    That does indeed look like a beaver. I am glad to hear I am not the only one that see things like that…hehe. That turtle is so adorable and you captured him beautifully! Thanks for sharing and have a fun week. πŸ˜€ *big hugs*

  4. I always enjoy your photos, the stories that go along, and also the tips. Indeed, it looks like some kind of nature carved animal to me. I see the tiny face and looks like long jaws so not sure it’s a beaver. Love the coloring as you mention, and the wide open spaces in the other photos. Nice!! πŸ™‚

  5. I am just laughing, Laurie. I have a new camera and am not at all sure of it… my “lesson” of last week was trying to move my focal point as my people ran back and forth faster than I could get them moved to the other side to have that “leeway” in front! LOL! This old Noni was too slow most times! LOL! Your Little Man lives in Texas… and I wish mine did. πŸ˜‰ blessings ~ tanna
    ps the turtle was a fabulous warrior find!! πŸ˜‰ well done.

  6. Great shots; love the turtle one….I think it looks like a sea monster that’s been thrown ashore after a terrific battle and as the myth has it he will be turned to stone and only the kiss of a butterfly will return him to the sea….How is that for imagination? hahahah

  7. Nicely done Laurie! Personally the wood carving looked a bit ominous to my eye. I got nasty snake with tongue out ready to strike. One thing I do agree on, it definitely looks like SOME kind of creature!!

  8. Laurie, these photos are amazing. Thanks for the tip – I never seem to get movement right.
    As for the carved creation: I imagine it being a creature coming out of the mist to lead the lost children out of the woods. The children are frightened and are not sure whether they should trust it. But after looking into its kindly eyes, they see that the creature means them no harm.

  9. Look at the history on that turtle shell! Evidence of battles fought and won, of roads travelled, of life.
    The curve of the wood makes me think of a bucking bronco or some animal rearing/bucking.
    You are likely to get some interesting comments on that today. Enjoy!

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