Carry-On Luggage…


You might be wondering, why is Little Man so wet?

Well, we had a fun time playing in the sprinklers…while mommy was in the shower☺

Later, we came inside and Little Man decided he wanted to be inside Grandma’s carry-on suitcase.

So Grandma cleared everything out for him…he couldn’t wait to climb in…happy as a clam.

While he is playing in the suitcase, I had to get the camera out real quick, look at those eye lashes!

I am sure Mommy and Daddy won’t mind…Grandma taking him home♥ Sigh…

How is your week going for you?

Love to hear your sweet comments.


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47 thoughts on “Carry-On Luggage…

  1. So amusing what little ones find to play with and in. And why not a suitcase, right?… it’s exactly his size! Love his long lashes and golden hair and skin… like you, the sun must adore him too 🙂

  2. He is so adorable and I can see gramma is enjoying the time with him fully, just as it should be. Great shot Laurie! 😀 *hugs*

  3. Little man is so cute! Hey Grandma you don’t have to buy him expensive toys! Just give him your suitcase!! Tee hee!!! Love the eyelashes too, I’m jealous!!! Hugz Lis

  4. He fits nicely in this suitcase, what a great place to play in, after having fun in the sprinklers. Mentioning eyelashes, so many children have such beautiful and long eyelashes and when we do want them later, they are gone…… Such a sweet picture!

  5. Look at those eyelashes! and the little chubby legs that babies have! What a sweet picture!
    Laurie – I realized yesterday that for some reason I am no longer receiving email updates from my favorite bloggers (you included). I’ve not been able to figure out why and it’s frustrating!

  6. What a little sweetie! I love it when they want to come home with Nana but very happy they don’t. I love spoiling and hyping them up and giving them back to their parents with a smile that says “Payback – with love – kiddo!” LOL

  7. Wet or dry, he’s a beautiful young man. I haven’t had a little one to cuddle in several years, so after he has a long visit with you, send him on and this Northeast grandma will all take a turn playing with him. I have a wonderful sprinkler with a mist setting he’d love. 🙂

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