My Favorite Thing…


My favorite thing to do in life? Is to go where I have NEVER been!


I told our daughters when I came up to Indianapolis…take me where I have NEVER been.

You should see the look on their faces when I announce this to them.

You get this glazed over puzzled look like, “Oh boy, where have we NOT taken her?”

On most of my visits, we are zooming around downtown to an event, but we never stop to smell the roses at the beauty around us.

Today, we took the time to visit the American Legion Mall Park right in the middle of downtown and the surrounding area…above you are looking at the outside of the Indianapolis Library.

I wish all libraries could be this beautiful! But of course, I am in a metropolitan city where this is more the norm than not. This book worm…so appreciates the beauty here. Can you believe someone leaves their water bottle here? sigh…

american legion mall park indianapolis

Now, how did “Little Man” get in this post? Smile…you knew this was going to happen, right?!

He is asking us, “Which way to go?”


A great way to end our little story at the park, walking home under the canopy of trees.

Tip of the day for Bloggers/Photographers:

Sharpening Rules for Images…

If you are printing a 20 x 30 image…in Photoshop or an image processing software, go to Enhance/Filter>Unsharp Mask>Amount>100>Radius>2.3

Printing smaller photos or for the web…cut the amount in half to 50 and radius>1.7.

Of course, you need to do what is pleasing for your eye, but at least this gives you a beginning where to start.

Is it important to YOU to go where you have never been?


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70 thoughts on “My Favorite Thing…

  1. Marvelous photographs… I am fascinated with the idea of having your family take you somewhere you have never been…

    It’s like a magical adventure!

    Magnificent post for the letter “M”.

    Thanks for linking.


  2. I want to say, “they don’t build them, like they used to” but it’s so cliche. I’m an admirer of traditional architecture and find it hard to see the beauty in contemporary construction. But then you’d probably guess that given my love of vintage. The tree’d walkway is gorgeous. Here, developers of new area’s aren’t making planted boulevards anymore, it’s a real shame.

  3. For me — I enjoy finding beauty in familiar surroundings — different views of the same things. To each his/her own — I guess I’m just a homebody. πŸ™‚

  4. πŸ™‚ I’m still smiling to see “little man” he’s such a cutie! Thank you for the PS tips. I have been drooling over PS lately. Trying to learn it with the free 30 trial and then thinking – should I get it??

  5. What a lovely green place. I love cities where you have both urban and green areas. Kudos to your kids finding a new location!

  6. I love America, it is such a beautiful country. We are not in Philiy for 2 and a bit weeks and I stuffing my camera full of images. *laughes


  7. My Mom used to take us on day trips around Cedar Rapids, Iowa, just for fun. We saw the “Little Brown Church in the Vale” from the hymn by that name and a great watch factory, as well as the Bre’r Rabbit Molasses and Quaker Oats factories in town.

  8. Love those library planters — so massive! It’s amazing that some people still continue to litter…. I bet Little Man doesn’t litter! He’s such a cutie pie!

  9. Absolutely. I love to go where I’ve never been — both in reality and in my mind…New places, new people, new ideas, new insights all keep you learning and growing — and that’s what keeps us young. Great post, Laurie.

  10. I love big libraries like this! There are a few in my little city – the main branch is huge and monumental, the other one new and modern – such a fun contrast!

  11. I do love to go to places I have never been…the thrill of finding new places is right up my alley. Looks like Little Man enjoys this too!!

  12. The funny thing is that “I’ve been there before!” My husband and I lived in Indianapolis for a couple of years when our children were small, and we took my in-laws to the American Legion Park when they were visiting from Maryland. Your pictures capture the beauty of the space, it was so nice to revisit!

  13. There are always places that you have never seen before, and it’s such a wonderful feeling when you locate them mostly right under your nose. Little man looking adorable as usual.

  14. Yes, I do like to go to new places – however, even when I return to places that i have been, I am never the same person – the surrounding are never the same and I can always find something new to shoot that I may have missed in a previous visit.

  15. Beautiful post, Laurie. And definitely lovely images. Your little man is really so adorable! He can show up on your images anytime!
    Excellent tip on the sharpening of images, I often use High Pass to do my sharpening in Photoshop. Works really well too.

  16. Great library shot. Someone left an empty drink container under the lighting. Barbarian! Looking at these I know how short and sweet the summers are up north…

  17. I can see why you like to go to places you haven’t been to before. You came back with some very nice pictures. I certainly know myself how inspiring it can be to visit new places. Even better when you can do it in your own backyard so to speak.

  18. Great shots Laurie and always great to see the ‘little man’. He is so adorable! And that is such a lovely place where you’ve been. I also love going to places where I’ve never been. πŸ˜€ *hugs*

  19. YES! I love to go places I’ve never been before… and the list is endless, isn’t it? =) So many places… so little time…

    I’d have been disappointed if Little Man had not made his appearance. blessings ~ tanna

  20. That is funny that you told your daughters to take you where you have not been before. It seems that makes your daughter worried. πŸ™‚ I think you are right sometimes beauty is closer than you think.

  21. It is great to see new places. It is the feeling of a little bit of mystery, an opportunity to uncover, to learn, to see, to experience something new…

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