Old World Gondoliers…Little Did I KNOW!


Have you ever had a surprise from your family that just blew you away?

The night started out, with our family driving to downtown Indianapolis to partake in a fabulous meal at the Creation Cafe. This adorable cafe is located in the historic Buggs Temple on the first floor over looking the spectacular canal view of downtown Indianapolis. My family started filling me in of the huge history of this building and I was very impressed how this all came to be.

After dinner and drinks…the family suggested we take a walk down the canal to take in the spectacular views. Now mind you…it was a perfect 75 degree evening with a slight breeze…BeYOND PERFECT!

I was so excited because I had my camera, and thought I would have a great opportunity to take some shots.

Little did I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We started off down the canal sidewalk and I am snapping away and kept saying, “It is just SO beautiful out!”
They all kept replying, “It sure is.”

My youngest daughter Ashley, stopped at the beautiful gondola and starts talking to the gondolier.

I start to laugh at her boldness and saying to myself…there goes our Miss Hollywood!

A nickname that originated from my girlfriends from years past.


The next thing I know, the gondolier is helping them inside this BEAUTIFUL boat…OMG!!!

WHAT…I SCREAM? We are riding in the gondola?!

They all busted out laughing on seeing my reaction, I thought I was going to pass out!
I kept saying, REALLY…REALLY??

The gondolier says, “Here…let me help you to step inside.” Someone grabs my camera, so I can maneuver this move without tipping everyone over…LOL!

As you can see, the family is ALL smiles that they pulled this BIG surprise on their mother…well everyone except, Little Man. He just can’t understand why Grammie is acting so over the top?


Let me introduce to you our gondolier…Goffredo from Old World Gondoliers. He was so crazy good…fun and was filled with so much wonderful information about the history of Venice and the gondola over the years past.

His voice was like an angel…and I thought to myself…this isn’t Venice, Italy…but he did a great job in transporting me back there.


Now, we did have one little mishap to the story…Little Man started the journey with his pacifier, mommy knew this was going to be a long night so she broke the rules and let him have it.

During our ride, he pulled the pacifier out of this mouth real quick and it went flying out into the canal!

Without thinking and having a mothers instinct…I immediately tried to reach over the side.

Well, you can just imagine…the gondola started to tip over…and I heard “WHOA” from everyone!

Goffredo, had told us in the beginning, “Whatever you do, don’t lean over the sides!” sigh…

Totally embarrassed and I am sure turning all shades of red, I said, “So sorry!”

Now as you can see by the image above, “Little Man” was none too happy!

He is crying his woes to his Uncle Luke and Aunt Ashley.

Can you see their two different reactions of his outcry?

Uncle Luke thinks this is hilarious…Aunt Ashely…eeeew…knowing there is going to be a problem☺


One of the beautiful views of the canal with all its charm.


The Canal Walk is a beautiful and popular urban respite for fitness enthusiasts and serenity seekers alike, providing a unique view of Indianapolis.  This is Downtown’s waterfront, dotted with pedal boats and gondolas all summer long, with bicycles and surreys gracing the district’s pathways.

I invite you to come experience this journey into the past if you are ever in the Indianapolis area. Sit back and let your imagination take you to the canals of Venice, where you will be serenaded by your Gondolier as you are transported into the romance of old Italy.

I would like to publicly thank my generous family for providing me this beautiful memory of a lifetime!

Oh my gosh, I just realized…I get to cross something off my bucket list. Woohoo!

Tip of the day for Bloggers/Photographers:

Photographing an important event…

Don’t be afraid to capture the CANDID moments too!

Case in point, “Little Man upset about his pacifier!”

So many photographers will only shoot the perfect moments….but what really captures the emotion is the candid shots!

This will show the families personality and will mean the most to them in the long run.

Did you have a great weekend?

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68 thoughts on “Old World Gondoliers…Little Did I KNOW!

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  2. Oh, I just love that gondola and excellent shots as usual Laurie. I bet it was quite an adventure to be in that gondola and if I was in there it would have tipped over for sure because I can’t sit still. LOL! What a beautiful surprise from your beautiful daughter. Gosh, they are all so gorgeous and little man takes the show of course. He is so adorable! Thanks for sharing this beauty hon. 😀 *big hugs*

  3. What fun! But, I was laughing to myself when you recounted leaning to the side because a couple of years ago I did that and tipped a canoe over throwing my husband, myself, and both grandkids in the lake. They will never let me forget it either. 🙂

  4. What a fabulous and humorous post, Laurie 🙂 So happy you didn’t tip everybody in the canal- that’s no way to say thank you! Was it a special occasion,. or just your lovely family making it special? Absolutely love that opening gondola shot. I’ve done the original in Venice but it was SO long ago.

  5. Ok … just a few thoughts:
    What an awesome surprise!
    I chuckled at the simultaneous “whoa” as the gondola started to tip (sorry, I had to chuckle)
    that last photo is wonderful!!

  6. I loved reading about your adventure and I just knew when you got to the pacifier in the water that the boat overturned but so glad it didn’t….You have a beautiful family and how sweet of them to plan this surprise for you….Awesome shots…

  7. how very sweet of them! well, this is now on our ‘bucket list’! we have yet to see even one gondola down there, although, we haven’t been since mother’s day, and at the time, it was pretty quiet with the slow start to spring that we had. the creation cafe sounds lovely, too. oh, laurie, such a beautiful family, and the canal … you captured it so well! mid week the weather is supposed to be ‘fall-like’, and that’s the perfect time for a walk on the canal. i will think of you when i’m there, and maybe, just maybe, i’ll spot your ‘little man’s’ pacifier! 😉

    as for our weekend, it was great! we spent it at billie creek village helping our son on a video shoot. have you ever been there during the covered bridge festival? we found out the whole village is now for sale … we spoke to the owner, who is now in his 80’s, and the one stipulation in the sale of the property would be that it would never be bulldozed! thank goodness!! i absolutely adore that little piece of history, and so does my son. he’d love to purchase it for use in future videos he has planned, but it’s a bit above his budget! for now, the owner is allowing him to use it whenever he needs to. such a blessing for him! you have a great week, and thanks so much for dropping in over at my place, too! 🙂

  8. How wonderful that Goffredo had a “voice like an angel.” The gondolier we had in Venice was tone deaf. 😀 Wonderful pics, Laurie. i enjoyed your family’s gondola adventure. 🙂

  9. That’s really a great spot for special occasions. We got to enjoy a Gondola ride in Venice, so fun to gracefully glide along on the water and enjoy the sites. My gosh, I think your family is so photogenic too.

  10. Oh what fun!!!!!!! Goffredo is so authentic looking!!! Glad you didn’t tip over into the drink when you rushed to get the pacifer!!! LOL!!! It looks like you had a great time, beautiful weather and of course, nothing better than spending time with your beautiful family! Always enjoy your blogs Laurie!!! Your photography is just beautiful!

  11. Laurie, I would have probably have nearly turned us over, too, if that had been my Little Man’s pacifier back when he still had one! LOL! Wow! I think I have added visiting Indianapolis to my bucket list! blessings ~ tanna

  12. What a wonderful surprise! I bet it was so much fun. I would love to do that. And what a Grammie won’t do for her Little Man! Normal, Grammie reflex!

  13. That looks like fun! Great canal snap, didn’t know this city had canals. Sorry your young man tossed away his binky, mom better keep a spare in pocket aye? 🙂

  14. How much fun! I never knew Indianapolis had gondolas! What a fun story, I know you must have died when you “rocked the boat”! I have enjoyed your trip to your daughter’s so much! Love the candid shot advice too!

  15. Great story! I went to school in Indiana so I’ve done some time in Indianapolis but never knew they had gondolas. Very nice photos and did you notice that everyone, even the gondola driver, has perfect teeth! 🙂

  16. WOW! What a great night! I can’t believe you got to ride in a gondola that is so cool!!!! Not to cool you all almost went swimming 😦 I love that second photo of all the smiles and little man looking like “are you kidding me” It’s to cute!

  17. What a wonderful evening and such a beautiful location. And, hopefully, someone will remember to tell Little Man, when he is older, about the time he lost his Pacifier in the canal and Grammie nearly tossed them all in after it 😉

  18. Wow, must have been a very special experience to drive a gondola! Never tried. Nice post 🙂 (what is the candid moments?) I agree, you should not just only photograph the perfect moment’s – shot when things happends.. or not…

  19. Hey Laurie!

    How wonderful. The day looked perfect for it. I went on one in Venice. It was the best and most romantic thing I’ve ever done. As I walked the streets at night it was really foggy and you could hear men singing and playing the accordion. It was so magical.

    Your whole family are just so beautiful. I had to laugh as I could imagine me trying to stop the dummy from falling over board too. That’s mums for ya! 🙂
    So happy for you! Hugs and nite from Oz. Paula xxxx

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