Passing The Baton…


What a beautiful picture of successful “Passing of the Baton.”

A poignant and thoughtful moment of silence passed between the two sisters…what an adorable baton!

A baton might represent a life, vision, a mission, a purpose, a value, or perhaps something else.

Whether you are part of a village to help raise a child, retiring from a business, stepping away from a board, finish raising your family, leaving a community or running a relay race; are you preparing to release whatever the baton represents for you, carrying it together for a time and passing it on to your successor, or in this case back to the mother?

Are you successfully “passing the baton in your life?”

Tip of the Day for Bloggers/Photographers:

Tabletop Photography Tip Today…

When photographing images on the tabletop…make your own light reflector to save some dollars.

All you’ll need is a single piece of thin cardboard. You can recycle these from clothing you purchase.

When you open up a tee-shirt, a lot of times a piece of white cardboard is in the middle to keep its form. Fold the cardboard in half, tent style and angle it to aim the light right back onto the object.

You also could use a small foam core that you will find in many store packages.

Both of these will allow you to control light on the darker side of the object.

I’ve done lots of images this way and it’s a good starting point to explore tabletop photography and see if you enjoy this activity, before you start investing money in professional reflectors.

Even some of the famous pros are using this method! I found this out from watching CreativeLive.

Please share your lovely comments on “Passing the Baton.”

Is there anybody in your life who could use some inspiration and tips for blogging and photography?

We would love them to come join us here! Won’t you pass our blog baton on to them?

I hope your weekend will be extra special…make it count.

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34 thoughts on “Passing The Baton…

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  2. Passing the baton…I had to think long and hard about this… and then I used the expression in my latest post but the baton that I mentioned was not a pleasant one. Perhaps then I named it incorrectly. I don’t know what baton I have to pass on. Maybe it was the memories I wrote about. I love the photos and I must try the photo tip.

  3. I love your blog; it’s so full of beauty….Your daughters are beautiful and the “baton” is gorgeous….
    Thank you for sharing photography tips…I am a “wanna be” and so I appreciate any help that is available….

  4. Nice post. I guess you could say I’m in the process of passing my baton. I’m letting go of old fears and reaching out for new challenges. At 55 I sometimes wonder why I need to do this now. But the answer keeps coming back: why not?

  5. what a great picture of the two sisters…and the baton is adorable..!!! Always love reading your tips for bloggers, I have picked up many from you, thanks again for sharing your knowledge!!

  6. You captured a beautiful moment indeed! Thanks for the tip on tabletop photography, I have so much to learn. We are having friends for the weekend who are both professional photographers so I always watch them very closely!

  7. I bet you had a big ol’ smile on your face watching the beautiful girls you raised and the next generation. I liked the photograph tip too. We worked a bit with reflecting light in the camera course I took, it works so well.

  8. I can SO relate to both “passing” the baton and being on the other end of “receiving” the baton ….guess that’s called the sandwich generation! Beautiful post!

  9. What gorgeous daughters you have Laurie! Just like their mom! 😀
    Stunning post and shots as usual hon! Thanks for sharing. 😀 *big hugs*

  10. I have to confess that I’m holding tight to some batons that need to be released to the next one… thank you, Laurie. LOVELY photos!! and, thank you for the tip! I’ll be trying that out! blessings ~ tanna

  11. I hope so. I have three lovely children, three wonderful grandchildren and still in love with my amazing wife. The baton already in their hands. Now is their turn to carry it and save it for the successors. Have a good day, Laurie!

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