Learn To Laugh At Yourself…


We were on our way to go to the Zoo, but FIRST…Grammie whisked Little Man off outside to snap a few shots before he could get dirty! You know little boys don’t stay clean for very long and this one is no different.

Just a little grandparent time alone…but oh so sweet!

As soon as I carried him outside, he went straight for the mulch in the gardens…sigh! So what does a Grammie do, she makes the best of it.

We had to work fast, before mother came out and stopped the fun. His mother has a rule about not playing in the mulch, especially when he was just given a bath.

In photography, you GO for the moment and capture the image no matter the cost!

As I age, I am seeing…memories are very important and we shouldn’t worry about all the details and rules.

I cleaned up Little Man as quick as I could.Β We returned inside with a secret smile on our face.

Tip of the Day for Bloggers/Photographers:

Today, we are talking about how to sort your photos.

The selection process of images to print or upload on the blog.

When sorting pictures, do not do one at a time!

You will make a better JUDGEMENT with multiple options facing you at the same time.

Make sure in the software you are using, you learn how to open up at least 3 – 6 images at once for your eye to see.

In Lightroom, use the “N” key to use the Survey mode, to view multiple photos at one time, this is called “Comparative Review.”

This in return will save you a huge amount of time and a give you a better discerning eye.

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Ps…See the adorable saying on the collage photo…”Learn to laugh at yourself?”

If you are a follower of P.I.P. through email…I will send you this Photoshop Brush I just designed.

It has been created to go as large as 1000 pixels for your images.

Just leave a comment asking that you would like me to email you this gift, it is as simple as that!

Happy Brushing…



51 thoughts on “Learn To Laugh At Yourself…

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  2. Does your daughter read your blog? Because if she does, you are so in for it, young lady. hehehe Of course it was totally worth it though, you got a whole lot of gorgeous photos here!! I love these!!

  3. Laurie, your daughter is so fortunate to have you for a mother! For many reasons, of course, but because you capture such wonderfully fun photos of the your grandson. Great series of pictures!

  4. Stunning captures as usual Laurie! What a beautiful little guy and I can see the two of you had lots of fun! He is so adorable! Thanks for sharing these beautiful moments hon. πŸ˜€ *hugs*

  5. Oh your little man is so adorable and I love the collage along with your sweet brush. thank you very much, I would love to have your brush.

  6. Laurie, What a great compilation of pictures of Little Man! He’s a doll!
    Please send the “Laughing” brush! lol!

  7. I’m looking forward to the day when I have the time to process my photos with Lightroom or Photoshop. Once life slows down I’m going to take a few classes, I think. Your grandson is a natural model, the camera loves him! So handsome!

  8. He is too adorable! Love the black and white. I really appreciate the tip of the day. My photo organizational skills are sorely lacking right now.

  9. You have one adorable grandson there! I love him peeking through the fence. And, I would love to have your brush! Thanks so much for all the tips you offer.

  10. Excellent captures of your precious Little Man! I especially like the one where he looks like he is peeking through a hole in the fence! πŸ˜‰ blessings ~ tanna
    ps I’d love to have the tool… IF I used an editor. I know, shame on me. πŸ˜‰

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