Everything’s Just Beachy…







Tip of the Day for Bloggers/Photographers:

JPEG or PNG – Which Offers Better Image Quality?

When formatting with Text on Photos for Social Media…(See first photo)

Sometimes PNG format can be superior.

For illustrations, screen shots and anything with text, this is my preferred method.

Your text will come out crystal clear instead of grainy.

Go to your photo software…Click on FILE – SAVE AS

Choose PNG as the extension instead of jpeg.

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Can you tell it was quiet the windy day at the beach? Umbrellas and beach balls were flying everywhere…but this girl is NOT complaining! Just another reason to bring out the camera.


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50 thoughts on “Everything’s Just Beachy…

  1. Oh, I wish I could join you on the beach! Maybe as soon as my in laws figure out where they plan to settle down, we might make it to the beach. My one day last February was not enough.

  2. Making me nostalgic for the beach…Thanks for the tip about pngs. But what do you use when you want to print say a postcard with an image and text? Services like Moo don’t accept pngs, I don’t think…

  3. It’s looking VERY nice there Laurie πŸ™‚ so fresh and bright and yes beachy !
    Never really understood jpeg and png thanks for that tip .

  4. Very interesting post Laurie, I never knew this. Love the beach photographs – so relaxing and totally puts me into my next seascape painting!

  5. Such bright sand, great photos Laurie. This takes me back to 1993 and even further back when I lived on the Suncoast… PNG is a great format but I find it too large for some applications. PNG is certainly superior.

  6. There is a big difference in these two grapic formats: while jpg compresses lossy, png compresses lossless. Jpg is a bit like mp3, it deletes ‘unneeded’ color information by combining small similar color patches to bigger patches of the same color.
    On the other hand decoding png need a little bit more calculation to reconstruct the photo from a png. So, photos are to be saved as png to keep all information while avoinding the vast size of tif files. Jpg, even when setting the quality level to the highest value (100 or 12 or best or however your software names it) is quality loss and every further save of a modified jpg decreses the quality further.
    Unfortunately, online photo shops and photo print boxes usually don’t understand png ( at least here).

  7. This really is a great tip. You are so right on placing text in the image, JPEGs always ruin clarity. I always use JPEGs too and should make the switch. Are PNGs good across all blogging formats though? Also, what about file size on a PNG image? BTW, I hit your Follow button. Your images are stunning.

    • Use the same pixels that you would use for jpeg, whatever your blog dictates. Facebook I think destroys clarity no matter what you do…sigh. It seems to help in Pinterest. If you need a high quality picture to be as small as possible use JPEG. However if your sole concern is quality PNG is the better format. JPEGs perform lossy compression meaning that they lose some pixel data during compression to keep sizes smaller. PNG on the other hand is lossless, ie it has the exact same pixel data as the original. Thank you for the follow…☺

  8. Laurie, your first photo made tears spring to my eyes. I feel this way, exactly! The other photos are so inspiring! You rock!!! Thanks for a nice pick-me-up, today!!!

  9. hi Laurie…my day started off great thanks to you…pictures of my beloved Sanibel…sigh. Now that my dear mother has sold our family home…i am really missing the island. I NEED to get back…maybe this fall!

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