Ave Maria Community…Oh So Fun!

 I was reminded by a friend (Hello Kathy), that I haven’t shown this wonderful community, on the blog! We decided to take a drive and snap a few pictures of this gorgeous little town, we thought you might enjoy seeing it.


The Town of Ave Maria…

Nestled in the heart of Collier County, Ave Maria is Southwest Florida’s newest hometown. The town of Ave Maria is just a two-hour drive away from major metropolitan cities such as Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Just 30 minutes away, you’ll discover all the treasures of Naples, Florida. The Community was planned with a large church in the center, the facade of which displays sculptor Marton Varo’s 30-foot-tall sculpture of the Annunciation, depicting the Archangel Gabriel greeting the Virgin Mary with the words “Ave Maria” (Hail Mary).


Tom Monaghan has had a significant interest in architecture for more than 50 years and has been one of the world’s largest collectors of Frank Lloyd Wright. Monaghan drew the oratory’s first sketches himself on a tablecloth. Monaghan served as president of Ave Maria University until February, 2011.


The Ave Maria Community is centered around a quaint Town Center that provides residents with many of life’s necessities. Within the Town Center, you can make a new friend over a cappuccino or treat the kids to a fruit smoothie after school. Friends and families gather nightly at the local pizza shop or meet up to sip a few beers at the pub. Boutique shops, salons, a walk-in clinic, Publix supermarket are just a few of the many conveniences you will find at Ave Maria.



The Amenities at the home sites are amazing…

Softball Field, 8 Bocce Ball Courts, Walking/Running Trail, 8 Pickle Ball Courts, Amphitheater, Picnic Pavilions, Concession Stand, Dog Park, Soccer Fields, Restrooms, Fitness and Resort-Style Pool, Water Volleyball Area, Enclosed Tube Water Slide, and a 18-hole championship Panther Run golf course.

Well, I don’t think they missed anything in planning the community, do you?

Tip of the Day for Bloggers/Photographers?

When shooting your images with a camera, what you INCLUDE in the frame, is just as important as what you EXCLUDE!

What do I mean by this?

Get rid of the clutter, before you push the shutter button.

For instance, you are ready to take the picture and you see there is a telephone pole in your frame. Move to a different position so you can’t see the pole any longer.

When it is time to print or upload the image on your blog, the eye will go to the main focus and not be distracted by the clutter in your picture.

How is your week unfolding? I hope amazing…

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33 thoughts on “Ave Maria Community…Oh So Fun!

  1. Well, FIRST, I had to google Ave Maria to see where it was located 🙂 I so love a walkable community!! All the suburbs that have been developed these past 40 years have forced people to get in a car for almost everything. Thankfully, planners are now going back to multiuse communities. Thanks for sharing! Love the photos – especially the one of the three Saints.

  2. Great shots as usual Laurie and what a beautiful church it is! You’ve captured it so well. Yes, I must admit .. I do so hate when there are things in the line of sight especially powerlines. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend! 😀 *hugs*

  3. Laurie, you’ve really shown this community at its best with your pictures. Your advice about avoiding telephone poles and the like in pictures is wise. It made me smile as I think of some of the strategies I’ve employed to avoid such distractions in my pictures. Think contortionist. 😉

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  4. Sounds like there should be a waiting place to live here Laurie !
    What a building the Church is . Love that relief of The Annunciation .

  5. So glad you found this unique community. Thanks for reminding me how gorgeous it is ….. it’s been a while since we’ve been there! Great photos!

  6. That is a great place. I like the architecture of the building. The stones and the statues placed on the entrance give a good blend of the modern design and the past.

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