Glorious Greens…



You are looking at the beautiful Vietnam War Memorial Park. It is located under the Midpoint Memorial Bridge connecting Cape Coral and Fort Myers in Florida.

On the Cape Coral side of the bridge, there is a replica of the statue from the Marine Corps War Memorial in Rosslyn, Virginia (which is just outside of Washington, D.C.). The statue depicts the six U.S Marines raising the American flag at the Battle of Iwo Jima.

On the Fort Myers side, there is a small Vietnam War Memorial tucked right under the bridge and spanning north from there. If you looking for a little escape for a few minutes, this is the place. Hardly anybody knows about this little hidden gem, including myself until my hubster pointed it out to me one day.


The true wild Muscovy Duck, from which all domesticated Muscovy’s originated, is blackish, with large white wing patches. Length can range from (26 to 33 in), wingspan from (54 to 60 in) and weight from (2.4–9.0 lb) in wild Muscovy’s. On the head, the wild male has short crest on the nape. The bill is black with a speckling of pale pink. Can YOU see his little pink tip?  A blackish or dark red knob can be seen at the bill base, and the bare skin of the face is similar to that in color. The eyes are yellowish-brown. The legs and webbed feet are blackish. The bare fact is…they don’t like to be photographedβ™₯


It was such a delight to see all the lily pads in the pond. This girl LOVES her lily pads…aaah! DO they give you delight?


Tip of the Day for Bloggers/Photographers:

The Framed Perspective!

We have talked about the Get Down Low Perspective when taking photos in the past.

Today, I want to give you a few examples of the Framing Perspective.

In the fourth photo, this is one of many ways to frame your image. I used nature for the frame.You can see where the smaller pads are framing the larger ones in a circle. The magic…it draws the eye to the subject and gives compositional interest.

Let me give you a few more ideas where to look for the framed perspective:

  • Architecture
  • Doorways
  • Window Seats
  • Underneath Furniture
  • Branches of a tree

Let your imagination run wild looking for how to frame your subject. This isn’t just for professionals…you can do this for fun with your iPhone!!!  The possibilities are limitless!!!

The next time you have your iPhone out…see where you can shoot a FRAMED photo.

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66 thoughts on “Glorious Greens…

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  2. Really cool duck. It looks like there is another eye on his beak. I know it’s probably the coloring, but interesting nonetheless. Thanks for all your visits and the likes of all my posts ending with this last one “Bouquet of Buds”.

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  4. What an incredible spot! How do you manage to capture all the wildlife shots, you must be very stealthy! the lily pads are amazing, and the last photo is indeed an art piece. Gorgeous!

  5. Oh! Yeah! I see it. The frame looks like a heart. Thank you so much for sharing your tips. I really love them. and I LOVE your photos! Wow! they are wonderful. Have a great Monday!

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