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sisters portrait seattle

Oh look at these adorable sisters from Seattle at the Chic Photography Retreat! Be still my heart. This brought back so many memories as the camera was clicking away. It was like stepping back in time…what a blessing this was. My two daughters were at this same age difference and all the blond hair to boot! They even were very protective of each other like my girls were. How many of us, get to recapture history?…childrens street photography
Oh, the little children…it really is a shame that we lose all this innocence as we become adults.
pink sweaters girls photography
These adorable scrapbook pages are found at Life-n-Reflection’s Shop called Violet Quick Pages.

Here you will find her new store and so many great items…

She has even included a Behind the Scenes tab, where you will find the Design Team. You might recognize one of them.☺

Set includes files and examples of the following:
– 4 PNG Quick Pages 6″x6″ 300dpi

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I had a blast putting together this post, I hope you go check them out.

Tip of the Day for Bloggers/Photographers:

What to Photograph?

Document Affections!!

So many times, we only capture the “perfect” photo, with everyone seating very still and posed.

I hope the next time you have your camera out, look for the emotions being displayed.

You will never regret those moments being captured.

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Did you enjoy the sisters today?


Disclosure: I received a complimentary set of the Violet Quick Pages from Life-n-Reflection Boutique. All opinions are my own.

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49 thoughts on “Children’s Street Photography…Life-n-Reflections

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  2. Thanks for sharing these blond beauties with us…

    It does sadden me that all the innocence is lost as we grow up but it still brings joy to my heart seeing the pure joy in my grands hearts.

    Brilliant post for the letter B.


  3. These beautiful photos show the innocence of kids, priceless! I’ll try ” look for the emotions being displayed” next time… Thanks!

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  5. Really cute shots, full of emotion, and I love your angles, capturing different sides of their faces.
    Trying to capture feeling is true not just for portrait shots….that’s how I shoot landscapes and nature too 🙂
    I really must give portrait shooting a try…..thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Hello! I’m stopping by from “Linkin with my ladies”! Great photographs! The girls are adorable. Please visit my blog and leave a comment if you enjoy it. I am following you, please follow back.

    Thank you,

    Vashti Q

  7. What a adorable girls! Love the connection you captured here. I agree that the best images capture emotion, expression, and connection.

  8. LOVED the sisters. I always feel as if I missed out on something in life by not having a sister. Like there’s a secret out there someone else got to know…these photos captured this exact feeling, I think!

  9. Your post today got me thinking about something… since I am the one behind the camera who loves capturing “moments” and everyone’s smiles – – – who is capturing “MINE”? Us photographers are always behind the camera and never in front of it!!!! WE need to be in some photographs too. It hits me sometimes while looking at older photographs, and I say to myself “hey, they’re aren’t any pics of me”. How do we change that? Suggestions?

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