Flea Market Inspired Vibe…


A day at the Pike Place Market isn’t complete without a visit to Watson Kennedy. An antique store, nestled within the Inn at the Market’s courtyard. Here you will find an astonishing range of memoirs collected by owner Ted Watson on his sojourns to France and England. Closer to home, there are articles from New York, San Francisco and New Orleans too. You can pamper yourself with bath products and aroma candles from here.

Flea market inspired vibe…just the coolest.


Oooh and Aaaah…for the antiques and vintage products from music sheets to playing cards….

antique playing cards

A love for French and English combined…

Such a beautiful display of gift giving ideas…


It was so fun to browse, okay I might of done a little more than browse…smile.

The store was so very hip and eclectic style, who couldn’t love it here?

So if you are ever in the need of a gift for the person who has everything…give Watson and Kennedy a try.

Tip of the Day for Bloggers/Photographers: 

Don’t be afraid to bump up your ISO when necessary.

I had to bump it up to 200 – 400 ISO in these images.

Photographers are so leery of noise…but if you have the shutter speed set accordingly, you will still get a great image.

A noisy photo is better than a blurry one.

Does the vintage nostalgia look appeal to YOU?

Remembering our men and women who died while serving in the armed forces for our country today and very thankful for them.

Have a great day everyone!!


38 thoughts on “Flea Market Inspired Vibe…

  1. want to thank you for dropping over and leaving that sweet comment, laurie! ♥ had to visit this post and tell you that i love the ‘vintage nostalgia’ look! such wondeful images to use it on, too! really love the old cards. oh, i so enjoy browsing antique stores, and the ‘hip’ and ‘eclectic’ shops here in indy! i’m just glad they’re still around! thanks for this ‘tip of the day’, too … i do tend to have trouble with ‘noise’, and hope i’ll finally get a handle on how to reduce it completely, but as you said, a noisy image is better than a blurry one! hope you have a wonderful week! 🙂

  2. Vintage .. oh don’t Laurie … I’ll need to rush out to a flea market before you say Jack Robinson 😉
    Cool photos. oh now I have to try out different iso settings …

  3. Love me some vintage too. And that’s a great tip about ISO. Now that I have a full frame camera, I do bump it up and find little noise. And I can get rid of the dreaded blur!

  4. I visited the old Pike Street Market in the mid sixties (I was about 16). I saw a pair of used shoes offered for a quarter in a storefront window near the market, and the whole place was a collection of little shops and tables piled high with hippie-made arts and crafts, etc. It was awesome then as I’m sure it is awesome now, in a gentrified way, of course.

  5. It’s beautiful! I especially like the photo with the playing cards. All sorts of vintage things appelas to me. (well, not all, but many)

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