Have You Ever Seen Electric Blue Trees?



Australian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos has colored some of Seattle’s trees a vibrant, ultramarine blue as part of his international art installation “The Blue Trees.”

The project, at Westlake Park and the Burke-Gilman Trail in Kenmore, is meant to draw attention to deforestation.

Dimopoulos isn’t using paint, as he doesn’t intend to turn the trees permanently blue. Instead, the colorant is made from azurite — a vibrant blue rock — and water.

“Blue is not a color we normally associate with trees, so he is transforming the trees,” said the artist’s wife and manager, Adele Dimopoulos. “This creates a pause for people to stop and actually notice the trees.”

Over time, the vibrant blue will fade and be washed away by rain.

His hope is that by creating a striking contrast between what trees look like normally and the blue that he will color them, he can get people to stop and educate themselves on what the project is and what it represents.

The Dimopouloses will head to Florida after completing the installations in Seattle.
OH NO…he is heading down our way…BLUE PALM TREES…I just can’ t imagine.

“I don’t have the answers but I can raise the issue,” Dimopoulos said.

It’s actually quite intense and beautiful. But I will say…I left with my mouth just hanging open!

Some have already asked if this is real and I didn’t photoshop the trees…NO, I didn’t photoshop the color…what you are seeing is for REAL!

Tip of the Day for Bloggers/Photographers:

One of the number one problems I am hearing bloggers are having nowadays…is leaving the computer behind!

You need to surround yourself with inspiration outside of your computer.

Visit museums, take a cooking class, read a new book or take weekend trips to fun destinations.

All of these things in turn will in turn into BIGGER ideas for your blog.  In turn this will make YOU a better blogger.

I absolutely ADORE this blogging community, but I can tell you life is too short to sit behind a computer all day my friend.

Any thoughts on this subject?

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96 thoughts on “Have You Ever Seen Electric Blue Trees?

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  2. The picture of the lighted trees on my blog – the Solid Wood post – really reminded me of your great electric blue pictures. I tried to put in a link, but I’m such a rubbish blogger that I couldn’t work out how to do it! But I did think of you. Funny how some posts stick in your mind…

  3. Very cool. Only azurite has this sort of blue. It’s a copper mineral that stains the rocks this gorgeous color above major copper deposits throughout the world. It almost always has a partner, malachite, which is a very vibrant green. Get a little rain and it’s like walking through a field of rainbow. Leave it to an Aussie to think of using a mineral! They do some serious mining down there. Nice fun blog here!

  4. Life is most assuredly too short to sit staring at a computer all day. Although if that’s your job, there’s no getting around it. I find my self spending several hours in the early morning trying to keep up with everyone online. It’s frustrating at times because I want to visit everyone, but I also have a life offline. Oh, and I love the blue trees. 🙂

  5. This artist certainly made his point… look at all the comments about this! However, part of the reason the images are so striking is the interesting way you handled the background. Nicely done! BTW, I am fortunate because I can’t write my blog without leaving the house…. I have to get out and about to find subject matter…. in fact, I think I have the opposite problem… I spend too much time being outside walking around taking photos and not enough time at the computer! So many ideas and so little time. There has to be a balance here somewhere!

  6. Love the images and the idea but totally agree with the sentiment. I never thought I had anything to say until I started blogging and realised that it was all about the trials an tribulations of working on my images. I couldn’t have done that stuck in from of a computer screen.

  7. When I first saw this, I thought oh, please don’t say he painted the trees blue. But that is not the case. If you look close you can see a little container next to each tree. I guess that is the little gizmo that is responsible for the blue coloring. It certainly is an eye catcher. Thanks for coming by again and the like of my post “Just a Little Teacup Rose”.

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  9. I agree that it is important to experience life outside of the computer world…

    I think your adventure was an awesome example of all of the beauty in the world.

    This is such an amazing piece of art and an even more amazing post for the letter A!

    Thanks for linking.

  10. You have an interesting eye, but you also have an interesting look too. I would love to photograph you. Have someone nearby do a shoot and post the photos. Or figure out a way to do it yourself. Turn your unique eye to your own unique look.

  11. Yes definitely get out from behind the computer. I have to much to do now I am living in the country and too much to see. I love the trees make the whole picture and pictures very interesting. I am going away next week for a few days solitude, something I need at the moment, I will be by the waters edge in Saint Vincents Gulf for a few days. Love the spot, so relaxing and so will my dogs. I will have my camera and tripod with me looking for some interesting pictures.

  12. of course you need to get out from behind the computer or you won’t have anything to write about! These look to be “photoshopped” blue, but then, there you would be, behind the computer. I’m wondering if this is as reported, how would he have reached all the branches? {:-Deb

  13. How striking! If one person is educated on the importance of trees, then the project is worth it. As far as the blogging community is concerned, I like to pick and choose where I spend my time.

    You are absolutely correct about the computer; it can become an addiction. There’s a big world out there to explore..

  14. A most unusual sight, and I am guessing that no damage is done to the trees because of this blue coloring. I don’t see how one could help but stop and check out what was happening.

  15. Hmm, rather interesting. Glad you were there and was able to capture these. I have been guilty of spending way too much time in front of the computer, especially in the winter-time. Now that the weather is warming up, I am not so chained.

  16. Oh, I absolutely love this installation and these photos!

    And I hear you about spending too much time in front of the computer blogging…

  17. I certainly did a double take on your thumbnail image! The color is striking! So neat how this “paint” gradually washes away. I think that helps make his point! Really lovely.

  18. Very unique way to brighten up a normal park and it is eco friendly. Beautiful photo. I agree that inspiration does not come from staring at a computer screen in comes from experiencing life. Have a super weekend and take care, BAM

  19. Absolutely stunning and so very creative. I love it and thanks for sharing. 🙂
    Thanks as well for the visit to my blog. You are very kind. *hugs*

  20. Very cool looking trees laurie. I agree with your blogging tips. When I first started I felt as if I was chained to my computer or iPhone…not a good thing. I know really try to limit my time during the week and I also try taking a vacation from it on the weekend. Not always so easy but I have cut back. There’s a whole big beautiful world out there to enjoy.

  21. Before I read your post I thought you added the blue trunks in post processing or something! That is so cool and quite interesting. The artist is Greek for sure! I know ’cause I have a ‘poulos maiden name :o) Great blogging tip too; couldn’t agree more!

  22. Oh my goodness that is something! I have a thing about trees anyway, especially when they are leafless and you can see the curves and shapes they make. Really nice, thanks for linking it up with me 🙂

  23. Now that is the most bizzarest scene I have ever seen! I would have whipped out my camera for sure if I came across blue trees! WOW! What a statement! I agree too, that enjoy life and get out from behind the computer! Summers here, I am hardly in the house, as I have so much to do and so much sun to soak up and enjoy life!

  24. Awesome find, Laurie! Those blue trees will surely stop anybody on his tracks, and could spark an interesting discussion.
    This reminds me of the “Lipstick Forest” I posted in November, where the trees were painted in hot pink!

  25. Wow this is absolutely amazing… I love street art and this is one of the most interesting and different things I have ever seen


  26. I like it! Art in the community is a great way to draw attention to the issue BRAVO. As far as leaving the computer behind, it’s not to hard for me. I don’t currently have a smartphone and you might have noticed it’s quiet over at Boomdeeadda. I just had the best holiday ever and want to savour it and let it percolate…..like cooking a good soup, LOL

  27. Whew, glad to know the color isn’t permanent! But I like how he is drawing attention to an issue in a very non aggressive way. Makes you stop and consider the trees doesn’t it?

  28. The blue trees are exactly what he was striving for – striking and thought provoking. Love them. I also love my computer, but I choose to live and enjoy my real life and balance the needs of on-line living and blogging. Depending upon your location, some have warm weather all year (we won’t mention names here :-)) while others of us only have a few months to enjoy. During those few months, I’m outside every day that it isn’t raining, well, I’m even out there some days when it is raining. Balance – that’s what I’m striving for, and I’m thinking I need to paint one tree blue and see how the cars slow down to look.

  29. Awesome! I agree – I look forward to seeing those blue palm trees ……..in person and NOT in front of this computer!

    • And I agree with you.. life is too short to just sit by the computer. I started to think about this for about ten years ago. It’s very comfortable to just sit at the computer but as you said you need to sorround yourself with inspiration outside of your computer, its important. Have a nice day!

  30. Love the blue trees! Absolutely agree with you that we need to get out there and into life, rather than staring at it through digitally-tinted ‘glasses’! : ))x

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