Boho Chics Portrait Photography…Chic Retreat~Seattle, WA.


Kelli France was the woman behind both the Forum and the Retreat, also did an amazing job of describing what would happen and what we could expect. It had everything to do with the speakers. Leaders in the industry and experts in Photoshop, off camera flash, styling, marketing, branding and client relations. Where else would you find all of that knowledge in one place?

While attending the Chic Retreat Photography in Seattle, one of the big highlights was the photo sessions. Here is just a sampling of one of them. Aren’t these models just flat out gorgeous? Leah Remillet from The Thriving Photographer did an amazing job styling these two girls in the Boho style for this photo shoot. Styling makes for more complete and put-together images. The most wonderful component of styling for me is how it defines your business. It sets you apart from others in the business. Your style will attract clients with similar styles and make for a great fit. This was my first time capturing this exact style…and I LOVE it!



So many of you emailed or left comments asking to share more about this workshop, here is a list of what all was included.

chic retreat agenda

Go check out this link for more fun photos (yes, you can see me sitting in the front row looking all serious♥)!

Here is the website for the waiting list for NEXT year.

It was such a huge blessing to attend this event and I highly recommend it, if portrait photography is where your heart lies.

Tip of the Day for Photographers/Bloggers:

The next time you take a photo….try adding a prop to it. Example: the camera in the models photo above.

If shooting outside…pull a flower out of the ground and put it in their hand.

Planning ahead…ask them to bring a sentimental item that means something special to them.

Do you like to use or see props in a photo?

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Have a marvelous weekend!


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34 thoughts on “Boho Chics Portrait Photography…Chic Retreat~Seattle, WA.

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  4. Laurie, great tips as always! I especially like props for children’s photos. Some of my favorites of our children were spontaneous ones of them petting our dog or watering their garden with a colorful watering can.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  5. What an awesome event! I would have enjoyed this event a great deal. Thanks for sharing all of this information with us! I even noticed the cute bag with the camera on it, hope you got one of those! What goodies did you get to bring home? I always wanted to make some cute bags for my blog with my logo on it! By the way, have you signed up for next year’s course?

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