“Go Ahead” Tarzan…


Let me introduce to you “Tarzan,” the Hubster. For over a year, he has watched me process post after post. He said, “It’s my turn!” So I give to you my husband, words of wisdom for today. Lord, help us all..Hold on girls…I will be back in a couple of days!

For years, I have been blessed to have a wife who has a short patience for a husband with a long face. You now what I’m referring to gents, when you want to go have that special “man” time for yourself…where you can escape all the stress of work and the responsibilities of a home and you look at your wife and hope she will say those two magical words, “Go Ahead!” Yes, we always enjoy the magical three word phrase “I Love You” but second in line is “Go Ahead!” (A very close second may I add!)  That is the words we work for…weeks to hear. Almost, like when we were kids at Christmas and our parents would say, “Okay, you can open your presents now!”

Later in life, its’s simple, “Go Ahead” is the short version of “Get away from me, I’m doing my blog and I need you out of my hair!”  In other words, “Your Driving Me Nuts.” But to we Gents, it means we get that release from all responsibilities, and for me that release is to allow my Cave man mentality to kick in and go in search of leaving the cave and hunting for that prize for the table to present to “Tarzan Jane.”

Many times, Tarzan comes home with nothing but a charge card slip from “Bait & Wait” or “Gutts & Glory.” But every once in a while, Tarzan get lucky and bring home prize for Jane. Here are some a few photos of such an occasion.


I hope you can understand the pleasure “Tarzan” feels when he is able to provide a prize for “Jane.” He should be proud. The two fish only cost the following:

  • Fishing Vest – $50
  • Fishing Poles & Reels $200
  • Tackle – $200
  • Bait – $20
  • Cast Net – $65
  • Gas – $50 Total= $765. Pride per pound of fish = $382

In conclusion, ladies next time your husband or significant other looks at you with a long face and comes home having spent half your life savings just remember, you were the one in the end who said, “Go Ahead!”

Tip of the day for bloggers/photographers:

Build something positive on your blog! Humor, inspiration and/or encouragement.

Key lesson to build something that gives hope, solves problems and gives inspiration to others.

Did you enjoy Tarzan’s rants?


80 thoughts on ““Go Ahead” Tarzan…

  1. Hahahaha 🙂 🙂 Great fun reading. I don’t DAAAARE to think how much each photo of mine cost. Camera equipment, travels, entrance fees, the Mac…. 😉

  2. Those are gorgeous fish indeed Tarzan and I am very glad you also have something you can enjoy. 🙂 Laurie, the shots are absolutely stunning as usual! My hubby gets that “yellow-fever” as well but luckily the dam is only a few steps away from us and sometimes Simba and I have to chase him down the road so he can go and relax. 😛
    Thanks for sharing hon. 😀 *hugs*

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  5. What a great idea Laurie! I wish my husband would do something like this…in a million years, that’s probably what he would say, LOL!Thanks so much for commenting on my posts too…it always brightens my day 🙂

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  7. Laurie, you keep us guessing as to what you will post next. I love this about your blog!! It looks like you and your husband both share a good sense of humor, and you two make a lovely couple.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  8. You are too funny! Fishing isn’t exactly a cheap hobby; I know. My hubby’s got the ol’ fishing rod and gear too (I bought it for him last year) :o) That fish looks yummy; hope you baked it or something (ya know with bread crumbs)… mmmmmmm!

  9. Well, hello Tarzan. 🙂 Yeah, you are right – after several years “Go ahead” does not mean like “go and enjoy yourself” but rather “please give me some time on my own”. 🙂 And those fish sure do look good in the pan.

  10. Well, this was a fun change up:D I always so go ahead to my hubs.. but I wasn’t always like this in the early years of marriage. I used to be devastated when he went on trips without me. Now.. I’ve always got something on the go and I love to see him happy! xx

  11. Love this! You did good Tarzan! You two sound like a fun couple. A big Thanks to Tarzan for giving Jane the go ahead to met me at Panera in February while he ate at Bob Evans. :).

  12. Hi Laurie! These fishy stories are a bit, you know, fishy. hahahaha. I don’t know what it is about dreaming of my blog buds. I do want to me many of you, if not all of you in the person, some day! You have changed your site design, since I was here last. I like it! (shows how long it has been, huh?) (hug)

  13. Tarzan did great, very cool. Your blog always contains humor, inspiration, and encouragement elements. Thank you so much for the tips and key lessons!

  14. If Matt is hankering to see all these responses to his guest post … you may well find he will want his very OWN Blog Laurie ….. 🙂
    Are you ready to say GO Ahead once more … 😀
    Lovely post . Fun .

  15. Something seems a little fishy over here! 😉 You have quite the handsome (and witty) hubby, Laurie! I agree with the other commenter’s, you should set him loose on your blog every so often to keep us on our toes. And maybe he can give our hubby’s some pointers, too – my hubby happens to be a hovering one…Drives. Me. Crazy. when I’m trying to get stuff done (read: blog). Maybe then my hubby will figure out that when I say “Go Ahead!” I’m really telling him to get out of my hair. 😉 Love the shots, too – who cleaned and cooked the fish, hmmmmm? 🙂

    WW: Dorky Cat

  16. Wow Tarzan brought Jane home some mighty fine fish!!!!! Thanks for the laughs Laurie & Matt!!! Love these blogs, always uplifting!! Matt is also a very good writer!!! You two are a very talented couple. Thanks for including Boston in your post. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone back home.

  17. Here’s to Tarzan, the great fisherman, and his #1 wife! So great to read this wonderful post – nice to have you join us bloggers for the moment Mr. Tarzan!

  18. Tarzan, I think those two fish were worth every penny. My “Tarzan” has a “Big Bertha” that yields very little in terms of gain but she does make him happy and that is worth quite a lot. With three young children still at home “Go Ahead” means an awful lot around here.

  19. Hey, Tarzan is adorable! I think that Tarzan should do some more posts on your blog, from a guy’s perspective! He did a great job on his post! What Tarzan does not know is that you said to “Go Ahead”, but that was just the opening for something that YOU want to do now! LOL All kidding aside, we love our men and would do anything for them. I am fortunate that my BF gives me the opportunity to be at home with the dogs and work from home. It might not be easy at times with only one income, but we give and take and make a great team! You and the hubster make a great team too! Hope to see future posts from him again! Have a great day Laurie! Huggies!

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