Oh, Sweet and Fragrant Water Lily…


Celebrating…Having the opportunity to go to Epcot Center for the first time in 20 years!

Tip of the Day for Bloggers/Photographers:

Are you doing these 3 items every time before you take a photo?
These items will greatly reduce camera shake and blurriness on your images.

  1. Hold your breath.
  2. Elbows tucked into waist.
  3. One hand under lens to steady it.NOW YOU ARE READY TO PUSH THE SHUTTER BUTTON…FIRE AWAY!

I hope you have some time this weekend, to go out and implement these quick tips with your camera. You won’t believe the difference…yes, even with a point and shoot.

Are you enjoying these Tips of the Day?

Happy Shooting…


48 thoughts on “Oh, Sweet and Fragrant Water Lily…

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  2. Beautiful picture! Could be a really nice card to write something on it!
    As to the tips:
    I do all three of them… which leaves me quite breathless sometimes, because I am jumping around, holding my breath, balancing my camera and then taking a picture, then jumping around again and so on and so forth…

  3. really great lily, THX for your hints dear Laurie – but my OM-D used 5-axis image stabilisation, but I use 1+3 since I shot decades ago with my 1st OM-10 analog in b/w…
    have a nice weekend

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  5. Love the image and the beautiful words. Enjoying your tips too. Very easy and simple to implement. Blessings dear Laurie.

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