How Does Your Garden Grow?


Disney’s Epcot Greenhouses are beyond amazing! Here at the Sustainable Agriculture and Research Center at Walt Disney World they grow the most amazing things! Fruits and Vegetables are grown in the air, in the sand, and moving around on conveyor belts 24/7.  They grow vertically, in spirals and in cool containers. They are even grown above pipes.  You name it, it’s growing here. Have any of your gardens ever looked like this?


You can find all these amazing plants in the The Land, a tour ride in Epcot International in Walt Disney World.  In addition to working with Hydroponics and Aeronautics,  they have also partnered with both the U.S. Department of Agriculture and NASA on various projects.  One project involves developing ways to grow gardens in Space for long journeys.



We came across this 9 pound Lemon.  They say it tastes the same but makes about a gallon of lemonade! I have never seen Brussels Sprouts look so beautiful and exquisite in my life.



I am ready for a nice big refreshing salad about now. How about you?

Tip of the Day for Bloggers/Photographers:

If it has been over a year since you have given the blog a change, it is time to give it face lift! Items like your header, widgets and especially your image! Your image should be current and recognizable.

Readers are coming to your place of community and seeing the same material and eventually will get bored. It will make your material feel stale by not giving it an update once in awhile.

Think about your favorite magazines, look at how they keep changing their look….it keeps you on your toes wanting more.


Now, you didn’t think I would give out this tip without first changing mine would you? smile…

For our friends who read the posts by email or any of the feeds, would you do me a favor and come to the blog for today.

I would love to know what you think of the new header and background I designed. You will also see an updated head shot of me…big sigh!! I only like to be in back of the camera, not in front! But I knew it was time. You can view this two places, the bottom footer and the “Meet Laurie” page.

You might be asking why did you take out the images of the top header? The reason…this is a photography blog and the header images were not complimenting with the images on the posts. Most of the time, I felt like it was fighting against them for attention.  So with that said, changes came about.

I hope your weekend was delightful and not a stressful one for you.

If this is your first or second time to visit, we would love for you to join us here at Pride in Photos. Please fill out your email and they will come directly to your inbox. We promise your email is safe with us…pinky promise.

Aren’t weekends just the best?


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91 thoughts on “How Does Your Garden Grow?

  1. Nice post..but the new header is devoid of colors..if that was intentional to make your photographs better..then it is good..otherwise..I find the style too pale.
    I commented because you asked, it that makes you feel upset..forgive and forget 🙂

  2. Well, I never saw the old header, but I really love the one you have now. The use of different fonts, the colors, great work!
    I need to put together something like that for myself. Thanks for checking out my site and liking my post. Take care!

  3. Your post was fascinating. Loved the images. The idea of growing gardens for space travel really grips me, and your new look looks new and good.

  4. Wow these gardens are amazing…I love how the vegetables growing in the sand look. I have been to Disney many times but never seen these gardens. I must check them out. 🙂

  5. All those vegetables and fruits and plants – a little heaven. Lovely photos too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Some of them reminded me of my tropical homecountry. 🙂 I have tried growing Brussels Sprouts for two years now, but I always failed. So, this is really the first time for me to see proper Brussels Sprouts in the plant. 🙂

  6. Epcot is one fabulous place and the gardens are out of this world. Love that lemon!!! Many, many years ago my daddy’s engineering firm oversaw the construction of Walt Disney World and then Epcot. It is almost like I grew up there as they were building it all. genie

  7. Have so enjoyed looking around your beautiful site ❤ Thanks you so much for your lovely comment on my About page, I'm thrilled you liked my artwork 😀

  8. No use in me thinking that I can purchase any garden veggies, for the wildlife will get it every time, but…I can certainly enjoy the fruits of others labor and these images give us a sign of hope and a bounty to come~

  9. I have never heard of this part of the Disney conglomeration!!! Wow!! Now I want to spend a few days there!! Your images are so beautiful!!!

  10. What gorgeous pictures! Ok- now I need to garden. Hoping to get my tomatoes in the ground thins weekend ;0) We’re also ripping out the kids’ play structure which they no longer use and putting in planter boxes. It should be a bountiful year.

  11. Such beautiful pictures, and I’ve never seen brussel sprouts look so good either!

    I like all of the changes, and the new picture is great!

  12. Love the new look – so fresh and clean! And love your orange collection – the orange flowers and the orange pumpkin look great against their white background.
    Thank you for sharing on Mandarin Orange Monday:)

  13. I don’t know if I’ve been to your blog so I can’t comment on the new banner. But, your photos are stunning… especially love the sunflowers & that lemon… oh my gosh… wonder how it tastes?

  14. “Have any of your gardens ever looked like this?”
    No, though I’m always hopeful…! 😉
    What incredible images, and to think we may (someday) grow produce in space; remarkable…!

  15. Gorgeous photos… I love to buy brussel sprouts on the stalk… they taste so much better. And if my portrait looked that good I would change my photo too!!! But my shoes are definitely my best feature, LOL!!

  16. Hi Laurie … this is my first time visit to your blog and so I can’t compare headers but I agree with your comment about the header photo not complimenting blog photos …. I find this is often the case. I love the simplicity of you current header.

  17. Oh my…
    when I see posts like this…including my favorit flower(eastindian cherrie,i use during summer in my home made salads) I get so excited.
    great post!

  18. I adore your new look. It is fresh and modern and sophisticated and goes really well with your images. And this is a fabulous post. You did a great job of capturing the gorgeous tones and shapes.

  19. Gorgeous pics! These gardens are just beautiful! Have some lemon! I would love having all this lemon. I’m 50% greek and we put lemon on everything. Sometimes I sit at the table and eat it like it’s fruit (don’t tell anyone) :o) By the way, love the new design! Very nice, simple, and easy to navigate! Love your new profile picture too! Your haircut is just too cute :o)

  20. Love your update! Looks very inviting! I’m currently saving up for a new look, but it may take awhile. :). Love this section of Epcot. It is impressive.

  21. Hi, I like the layout of your blog a lot. I think going with a neutral background was a good choice, it helps your photos “pop” The one thing about your logo that bothers me a little, and I am being picky here, is that the letters have a bit of a square edge to their outline, almost like little blocks. I would prefer those edges smoother, I think.

  22. The greens and yellows of the fruits and vegetables at Epcot are captivating! Such color! Good suggestion about updating our blogs … yours looks great!

  23. wow! now i want to go back to Epcot. it’s been years since i’ve visited. amazing plants. fascinating post and beautiful pics. happy day!

  24. Wow.. That’s a lot of transformation in this website. The look and your picture is classical. I ‘ve got a doubt. How do you link images in your website to the website it corresponds to? (like your affiliate team member image )

  25. Laurie, I adore the new look! It is so fresh and bright. Your new portrait looks lovely, and I think your advice is wonderful. ( but you will keep us updated on that adorable grandson?)

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  26. The pictures are beatuful. Could be used for commercials, if you ask me 😉
    About your blog: I like the light tone of it. I am not sure whether I will keep mine in grey or if I will also brighten it up a bit. But I am probably going to change my header. You are right, the pic in the header does not always go well with the pictures in the blog.
    So I’ll have to create a nice logo or something for my header.

  27. My garden doesn’t look like that, I don’t have the talent to make the beautiful header you did, and I certainly could have never had a head shot where I looked that beautiful. I’d say your new look is a success. 🙂

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