Flower Garden Festival…Get A Taste Of Spring


We visited the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival. We saw so many Disney characters as topiaries! In all, there was nearly 100 topiaries for viewing! Just a blooming good time as they would say!  This is something I have never experienced before at Epcot. This show only runs from April – May 19. Do you know what it does to a heart to see a million blooming flowers this time of year? I hope you can see a little spring for today…






Tip of the Day for Bloggers/Photographers:

Well the big talk in blogland right now…Do NOT alter change and/or customize Social Media Buttons on your blog!

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest has some very stern rules that has come down…on what you can and cannot use to represent their icon.

You can not alter these in any way, including color. You can not use any other symbol or text to represent their product.

It boils down to this…do not modify social media blog buttons!

Very sad for those of us who don’t want a bright blue or red button on our pink blog☺

But rules are rules…so I wanted to give you a heads up. It will be up to you, to decipher what changes to make on your blog.

So did you enjoy our taste of spring? I hope it lifted your spirits for the day.

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Hey…it’s Thankful Thursday!! Almost Friday…now there is something to be thankful for!


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90 thoughts on “Flower Garden Festival…Get A Taste Of Spring

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  2. What an amazing event to capture!! I am a bit jealous. We are expeirincing 25 degree weather today:( All of the lovely flowers that were blooming will be gone by tomorrow;(

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  4. wow! great post, the photos make me feel as though I were there with you. Thank you for sharing at the hop, your participation makes the hop extra special. Big Hugs P.S. the new giveaway posted yesterday!

  5. Thanks for bringing Disney to us. Your photos captured the beauty of this live arts. I am quite amazed by the creativity of the persons who did the topiary.
    Somehow, I am reminded of Edward Scissorhands. 🙂

  6. So beautiful!!! Hard to decide my favorite…I love the monsters and the butterfly…And Tynker Bell!!! (May be because I was married in Las Vegas as Tynker Bell!!!! 🙂 …) Thanks for sharing it!

  7. Wow wow wow, and did I say wow. My gosh people are talented down there. I’ve heard about that special garden time there, stunning. I will probably never get there so thanks for the preview Laurie.

  8. My little one would probably love to see those! OM gosh, they are beautiful! You captured them beautifully too! It’s funny about your tip, I just posted something similar this week about social network icons (like Facebook); how they don’t allow you to modify their logo. I really have to update my website.

  9. can you keep a secret? ssshhh…but I think you are the BEST shutterbug ever!! I can’t get over your focus, your…everything…the color! They just leap with energy!! Super duper stuff. Every single place you snap should pay you hoooge money for the honor.

  10. great photos like the butterfly. You really did a great job. Now I would love to go to Disney since the lsat time I was their was when I was if fourth grade. Went to California Disney Land. I am puttting on my bucket list
    Have a great Thursday

  11. Laurie – Just beautiful. And just what I needed today. Here in New England, it’s still in the 40’s and there is still some traces of snow on the ground. I am so ready for spring. At least I can experience spring vicariously through your lovely pictures.


  12. These topiaries are so cute! I love the Mike from Monsters Inc.

    Now I’m worried about my customized social media icon bar on my blog that I paid an arm and leg for. Why the sudden crack down, I wonder?

  13. Love this post! So bright, cheery, colorful, fun and wishing I was there! Sounds like it was a fantastic time, and a visual delight up close and personal! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photographs! 🙂

  14. Wow, I’m so glad I came here this morning as your photos provided a bright start to my day! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Very happy to have “met” you! Fantastic images!

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  16. Awesome Post my Dear! My favorite was the lion, but it was hard to choose a fave! Now, I want to make a doggie topiary! And I bet you could see me doing just that too! LOL I did make a dog out of brown wrapping paper a few years ago, and I should paper mache it! Loved this post as it made me think of Summer and watering all of my flowers. I love the mornings cause I can walk outside in the mornings and take in the sun! Thanks for bringing some sunshine into our dreary day here! Hugs!

  17. Site owners should not be told by outside sources what they can and can’t do to their own website. Solution – delete the social media platform from your site. Nice photography as always, lots of time involved in creating the sculptures.

  18. We took our daughter to Disney World when she was about five. We were all in awe of their topiaries and bought one to take back to our home in the Midwest. Well…as you can imagine it didn’t do too well. It still makes me chuckle to think about it. 🙂

  19. That would be a fun place to visit. I don’t think they had that when we went to Epcot back in the early 90s.
    I say the social media sites would do well to remember who is promoting them! I mean really, what should they care as long as their name is out there :/

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