Disney’s POP Century Resort…SO Fun!

So what do you do when you hear your youngest daughter is arriving in Orlando for a wedding? Well, I will tell you…you call a dog sitter pronto, call Disney on Good Friday and ask if there is a hotel room for Easter weekend (sigh), pack suitcases,lock up your home and hop in the car and drive like a bat out of…no I mean…minding the speed limit for three hours to Walt Disney World and call your daughter and tell her, “We are coming baby girl!” Yes, we are a little crazy…crazy for our daughters…oh yea…and “Little Man” too. When you call Disney on a holiday weekend and ask, “Would you happen to have something for tonight?” You hear a giggle…”Well, let me check…could you hold?” Oh yes, I can hold! I ask the reservation clerk, “I would like a hotel where I can take lots of photographs at the resort.” We were booked into the Disney’s Pop Century Resort.”Yes, this will be just the place for you she added!” Can I tell you…the camera never stopped clicking!classic-50's-sign-century-r
The resort is made up of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s era. They had it down to a science. We stayed at the 90’s building…mostly for adults…which made my husband happy! But can I tell you…my favorite was the 50’s area…just brought back so many memories of my parents tales I had heard through the years. As we strolled throughout the grounds, which was massive, I couldn’t help thinking of how fun this would of been with our grandson….brunswick-bowling-pins-orla peace-happiness-century-res play-doh-huge-model-florida bowling-shoes-front-laundry pop-century-hippy-dippy-poo
We arrived late at night and was able to get a good nights sleep. The next morning, we picked up our daughter a few miles away and took her out for breakfast. She looked stunning!!! Good grief, I was just so happy to see her and how beautiful she was…the camera never left the car! UGH! We caught up with each others lives…yes, all of this in only a hour! We drove her back to her hotel for the wedding and drove off to Epcot International…

Parents, can do the craziest things can’t we?

Tip of the day for Bloggers/Photographers:

No matter the area of your blog or photography…It is important to DO WHAT YOU LOVE! HAVE FUN!!

Know matter what style of blog you have whether cooking, crafts, decorating etc….show your readers your daily life and relationships every once in awhile not only your specialty.

Don’t keep it so professional that they can’t come to know who YOU are.

Blogging is all about relationships…so let them in on a little piece of your life.

Can I tell you how blessed I feel? I left very quickly for an out of town trip to see a loved one…and this community so blessed me with all of your loving comments and Easter love while I was gone!!!!! Thank you SO much! It means the WORLD to me… truly.

Have you had the chance to show your children, small or all grown up…just how much you love them lately?

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61 thoughts on “Disney’s POP Century Resort…SO Fun!

  1. What a wonderful weekend! Spending time with (and making time for) family is what life is all about! That hotel looks brilliant, I have only been to Euro Disney but I want to visit a bigger American park sometime. I agree with your tip – that’s what I love about blogs. Not just the creativity or crafts that are being shared but the little glimpses into people’s lives. Abigail x

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  3. So glad you got to spend some time with A! This looks like a super fun place! Your pics are “Popping”!

  4. What an amazing place.. Disney sure does now how to do it right. I am loving your fabulous photos. And I am sure your daughter loved that you drove down for the visit..


  5. Lucky you to get in a visit, glad to hear you drove there carefully LOL. That place is a riot with all the vintage signage. It would look really cool in Instagram. I’m shopping for a new phone and can’t wait to get that feature. I want that Petals sign with the giant flowers….that would be fun in the craft room.

  6. What a fun place! And I know just what you mean — it’s worth a drive and last-minute plans, whatever, to visit with a daughter for even a little while. I’m so glad the weekend worked out for you and your family!

  7. Your pictures are terrific, as always! Have not been to Disney World for about 20 years and I understand it’s very different now. I had no idea about this new place and really enjoyed your post!

  8. Looks like such a fun place to visit. Years ago I went with my childeren to Disney World (Orlando), they had the time of their lifes, now they are all grown up and in a few months they are going on vacation to Bali (Indonesia), I stil have relatives living there.

    PS. Thank you for visiting and leaving such a sweet comment on my blog, it made my heart sing.

  9. Gosh! Looks like a really cool hotel, Laurie! It sounds like you had a happy reunion with your daughter, it must have been really lovely to spend time with her.

  10. Laurie – that is fun on a HUGE scale all round 🙂
    What a lovely last minute get together, you know sometimes those are the best because you make the most of every minute .

  11. Very cool place and it sounds like you had a wonderful time. And I couldn’t agree more, blogging is all about relationships – that is the best part about sharing what and who you love! Connection. Thanks again for another wonderful tip.

  12. Loved your photos of your wonderful trip! Where is the photo of your daughter? Wish we could have seen her! I love seeing family photo’s in someone’s blog because it does connect you to the author and their life, and it helps you to get to know them. I have been to Disney probably 10 times already and have loved each and every trip! You never grow up in Disney! 🙂 Hugs!

  13. Oh, I DO know about the crazy things that parents do. I am most definitely one of those parents, and would have done the very same thing.
    So glad you had such a wonderful time, and thank you for taking us along with you!

    Have a wonderful day, Laurie!

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