It’s Been A Hard Day’s Night..

hard-days-nightI have been (playing) working like a dog….

I (am) should be sleeping like a log…

The Little Man had a very hard day…he played and played. Now…time for that nap!photo-art-black-white-photoWhen I’m home ev’rything seems to be right

When I’m home feeling you holding me tight, tight, yehtoddler-boots-sleeping-in-cYou know I feel alright…

You know I feel alright…

baby-boy-sleeping-car-seat-Missing the little man (also known as my grandson for the new visitors here) and his sweet precious face, feet, toes, nose…ok just everything!

Tip of the Day for Bloggers/Photographers:

Bloggers: when you are linking inside a post to another site, it is important to check the box that states, “Open link in a new window tab.”

When I first started blogging, I had not a clue really what that meant and/or why should I check here?

The reason it is important, if you don’t check the box and they clink on the link you added, they will be transported to the new website and your blog will be closed and they can’t get back to YOU!

If you do check the box, it will take them to the site, BUT your site is left open for them to come back to…very nice huh?!

I hope you are not working too hard today♥?

If you are a first or second time visitor here, you can join Pride in Photos by filling out your email in the bottom footer. This way you won’t miss a single inspiration tip!

Some of you have asked me if the tips will be on Facebook or Pinterest? The answer is no… only here on the blog.


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60 thoughts on “It’s Been A Hard Day’s Night..

  1. Awwww!!! His beautiful little face, and look at his little toothies (that’s what they’re called around her). 🙂

    Little beautiful baby. 🙂

  2. These shots are fabulous! Love a sleeping child! Okay, and his boots are just too adorable! Great tip about the link opening in a new window. I try to always do this :o)


    And – great tip. I don’t think I noticed that at first. So- some of my earlier posts may not be set up like that. IF I ever get a chance to modify them – I will.

    Happy Friday 🙂

  4. Clever mix of music and gorgeous photo’s Laurie. Fab booties on little man and ohhh those eyelashes, I want em’

    Thanks for the tip of the day. I didn’t realize that. I thought everyone just used the back button. I’ll do this so they have the option. Cheers

  5. What an adorable Little Man . . . and I understand about missing grandchildren. Mine live 4200 km away and I haven’t seen them in person for 2 years. Thanks for the tip about opening in new window. Stopping by from Photo Art Friday.

  6. Oh cute! I think someone left a comment for you on my blog. It was about boots, and I had no boots. :). These boots of LM are cute, and oh how I love a sleeping babe. That’s when I marveled most over my kids. I loved just watching them sleep.

  7. What precious images of your little man. Enjoying your tips of the day….did not know about the ‘open in a new tab’ thanks!!

  8. Love the photos. “Open in new tab” is the first thing I do when creating a link. There’s nothing more annoying than having to go back then right-click on the link

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