Corks For Cancer…

My oldest daughter took me to a darling wine/coffee shop in Houston! I walked into this establishment and immediately go “Oh Yea!” It is called, “Black Walnut Cafe.”

As we walk up to the counter to place our order…I see off to the right this FABULOUS display. Corks For Wine? I say to the cashier.

You have to let me photograph this layout! She said, “No, problem!”  I mean, “Mama, loves her grape!”  There is no use hiding it♥

I have been collecting wine corks for many years…you know for that one day when I can retire and be crafty. WINK☺ But this seems like a whole lot better cause. So with that said…I told my husband,  “When this rally comes to our home town, I know where a lot of these corks are going to find a home!” What a stupendous idea!


My daughter buys this cookie…oh mercy…HOLD ME BACK! She tells me…”Just one bite.”

If you would like to research this cause a little more check out these sites:

Corks Against Cancer: Facebook Page click here.

Rally Foundation: Corks Against Cancer click here.

Tip of the Day for Bloggers/Photographers:

The importance of YOUR image on the blog!

You need to let your readers know who is behind your blog.

It will help with a connection to YOU!

You should either have a blurb on your widget side panel or a page, telling a little about yourself.

Trust me on this…it builds community!

If you don’t like looking in the camera…take a photo of you looking away. It’s not about glamour, it is about them connecting to YOU!

Talking about connecting…have I told you lately how much your comments mean to me?

I would love to know how you feel about this subject of this post today?

Make today count…


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61 thoughts on “Corks For Cancer…

  1. I used to collect corks and write the event around the edge and pop them in a glass Hurricane lamp Laurie ! They did make a talking point and not just about how many or how QUICKLY it filled up 😉
    Loving your tips of the day ! Thanks .

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  3. Laurie, I think you are spot on about having a personal presence on our blog. It really helps me want to visit someone’s post when I know they have a warm welcome waiting for us. Like your blog does! 🙂

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  4. Oh sweetie,what a great cause. I love that you already have your cork collection, giggle. That cookie looks divine, one bite..well maybe two. Thank you for sharing your lovely blog at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop xo P.S. great bloggy tip

  5. So thats what I could do with all those saved corks.. They also have so many fun things you can do with them on pinterest. But donating them for such a great cause is right up my ally.. 🙂

    Love you photos..


  6. That looks like a real comfy place, well loved and worn in. My friend is collecting corks to build a backsplash above her desk….I’m doing my best to help her out 😉

  7. We started saving wine corks last year, and I can’t believe how many we have already! Perhaps we drink too much? LOL I also have saved most of the wine bottles too, just in case I ever get a wine bottle cutter one day so I can make some cute candle covers for the patio! But if I ever throw out all of these bottles one day, our recycle guy will be shocked! You do have a great point about telling the blogging community who you are as it does make is more personal. I have got to know a lot of wonderful people, like yourself, and making your blog personal makes that bond even stronger. Keep the great tips coming!

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