Feeding Frenzie…

We are outside of the fabulous fun restaurant I shared with you last week here.

Koi and Tilapia competing for food at “Razzos the CajunRestaurant’s” pond outside the restaurant. It was gorgeous…this restaurant sure knows how to entertain…while you wait for your table.

Koi ponds are ponds used for holding koi, usually as part of a landscape. Koi ponds can be designed specifically to promote health and growth of the Nishikigoi or Japanese Ornamental Carp.

The architecture of the koi pond can have a great effect on the health and wellbeing of the koi.

The definition of frenzy [ˈfrɛnzɪ]

n pl -zies

1. (Medicine / Pathology) violent mental derangement
2. wild excitement or agitation; distraction
3. a bout of wild or agitated activity a frenzy of preparations




I couldn’t help thinking as I observed the fish…how many of us sometimes get ourselves in a frenzy over the silliest things too?

It is so much easier seeing someones else’s behavior acting irrational…but can we see ourselves not behaving rationally?

We live in a very tourism city, to say the least!  The traffic has tripled in the last few months…would you like to ask me… if I am acting rationally when I am on the road, trying to drive home from a long day of work? Sigh…how silly of me! This too shall pass.

Tip of the Day for Photographers/Bloggers: 

Part 2 – Collages for portrait images.

When using portrait orientation images, meaning vertical, going from top to bottom. It is best to use them in a collage of two or four.

We have talked in the past to size your photos for the templates format…BUT in portrait mode…it makes the vertical image SO huge to view. You have to keep scrolling to view the whole picture. It starts losing its meaning. The mind forgets already what it has already seen to complete the composition.

This is a great solution to a too small of a photo problem for your blog.

 Make your template the width of your blog, and drop in your gorgeous photos.

If this is your first or second time to visit, we invite you to join Pride in Photos by email. This way you don’t miss the Tip of the Day!

Go to the top right hand corner of the blog and fill in your email address.

Can you promise not to get into a frenzie today♥ I will if you will…


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66 thoughts on “Feeding Frenzie…

  1. And I thought my hawk pictures today were cool. This beats mine by a mile, as shooting water is so difficult (at least making it look good in the end is hard). 😀 Thank you for linking to the GRAND Social! Great post!

  2. Your photos makes me miss KOrea. We used to feed the Kois and other fish in the pond when we were still living there.

    Trying to catch up with Camera Critters entries. Hope you’d stop by and post a comment on my BUTTERFLY entry.

  3. Hi Laurie, what a movement under the water – I’ve never seen Tilapia fish before!
    I love your tips – making those collages is a bit tricky every now and then – to get the harmonious and balanced look.

  4. Visiting from The Grand Social. I’ll be back soon. I’m always looking for photography tips. We love the Razoo’s in Houston. Our Granddaughters love to see those fish.

  5. Sure is a feeding frenzy! A little different than the Koi pond in my cousin’s back yard, which is small and calm. I could use more of the latter in my life. As we all can!

  6. How crazy to see all those fish in a frenzy that way.. Out at Lake Mead here near Las Vegas the carp are the same way. People will bring bags of pop corn and just watch them go crazy.. I always enjoy my stay here on your blog…

  7. I wish I had any clue what you are talking about regarding the pictures and photo colages. I would love to be able to do that but can’t figure it out. I am very tech UNsavvy!!! XO, Pinky

  8. Love your “tip of the day”. You took many digital photo classes online, didn’t you? Will you share your favorite class sites for those of us who need ALOT more training 🙂

  9. Koi is another word for ornamental Carp. Your photo reminded me of a news topic of recent, the Bighead Carp and Silver Carp, both introduced from Asia have found their way into domestic waterways and are taking over…they eat everything in site. Millions are being spent by both American and Canadian governments to save the fisheries industries and battle the infiltration of this fish…just thought that was interesting to these koi being such aggressive eaters.

  10. This picture was perfect for the first day of 2nd term classes! I love it!! It was a frenzy of a day.
    All kidding aside, your photography is gorgeous. I love the colours of the fish and the water ripples!

  11. Oh I once witnessed a feeding frenzy in Galveston with catfish…it was not a pretty sight. And I do have a dilemma when it comes to posting vertical images.

  12. Love your photos and the way you wonderfully use them to make great points. So true, how we can get all worked up over things. If anything will get one in a frenzy, it is traffic and all the ‘creative’ driving maneuvers! 🙂

  13. Great series, Laurie. The color of the water is amazing.
    Excellent tip on the vertical portrait, I find myself trying to avoid posting vertical shots because like you said, they come out really huge.

  14. awesome shots of the koi–the water is such an appealing color, too–and I know that type of stuff is way dynamic ’cause of silt and wind and whatnot–also dug that you addressed the size of jpeg to use!! Yes, by all means fill up your blog post when posting photographs you own–matching text and picture margins are so polished looking, I think, and if I am looking at a picture, I want to see it, not squint at it!!

  15. These are beautiful. We had a koi pond just outside our kitchen window but as we got old it became too much work to maintain. We had it removed and I miss them so. We had 2 of our original for 13 years. Started out with 5 and of course they multiplied, but lost 3 of the original.Photos are very good. Over from Grand Social

  16. Great tip! I need to do this for my vertical portraits which are huge. It really irritates me. I may have to ask you about a step by step on that later. I avoid using vertical orientation pictures on my blog because they are so huge!

    I love watching Koi. They make me feel relaxed.

  17. Love this set of pictures and they look great in a collage! It’s funny I just published a post on how to create your own collage/storyboard in Photoshop! It must be a popular topic (either that, or great minds think alike) :o)

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