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The Razzoo’s website you will find the following:

Life’s too short not to have a bunch of fun along the way! (My sentiments exactly!)

At Razzoo’s we try not to take ourselves too seriously.  What we do take seriously is our food and our service.  To us, nothing is more fun than treating our guests to great food and a great time in one of our restaurants.  That’s why we’re here.

Our food is authentic, it’s made from scratch every day in each restaurant and it’s darn good.  Some of it sounds a little weird, like Rat Toes (really, they aren’t) or the Grilled Gator Tail (really, it is).   Some of it is hard to pronounce, like the Shrimp Piquant or Chicken Tchoupitoulas – feel free to point when you order (that happens a lot).

The food was outstanding and humugeous portions were served…be prepared! Everyone I saw, was carrying a takeout bag♥ You have to love that…goodies for the next day too!

If you love sitting out by the water, vintage surrounding you, bold colors everywhere in your environment and a huge menu for every taste bud you can imagine this place would be for YOU! There is just one problem…you have to head to Texas to find your fun here! Seriously, I don’t think I put my camera down for more than a couple of minutes…yes, I can hear the AMEN from my daughter and son-in-law as I am typing this.☺

Tip Of The Day For Photographers/Bloggers:

There will be times in your life when your will have TOO many photos of one event.  In this instance, I like to create a story with the images making a collage or mosaic.  This gives you a real feel for the environment you are trying to share at one glance.

When creating a picture collage, there are many things to consider.

What type of  theme are you going for? For this collage I was going for a vintage look.

Who is the audience for this collage? What do you want to achieve when creating this collage? To portray the uniqueness of this fun restaurant.

Some other things to consider when creating a collage are shape, color, size, and the way the collage is created.  Notice how I used two colors that are similiar in the photos and compliment each other.

A  picture collage created using a digital editing program will make the final  product look more professional instead of trying to do it by hand when you are first starting out.

Here is a couple of links that will point you in the right direction:

Big Huge Labs – This software is called the Mosaic Maker…Creative Photo Possibilities

PicMonkey – Create a Collage…Software even lets you add fun backgrounds to your images. Alot like scrapbooking…back in the day.

Have you ever tried using a collage or mosaic for your photos? Love to hear your feedback.

Have a great weekend…remember to have some fun.


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28 thoughts on “Cajun Fun…

  1. Great photos! They make me want to visit this place and take home some leftovers. 🙂 Followed over from Mama Kat’s. 😉

  2. Love your vibrant and fun photos! Thank you for the tips. I would love to find some time to create a collage. Definitely on my bucket list now 🙂

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  4. Laurie, Texas should hire you as a promotional person for tourism and commerce! You really make me want to get on down there and visit. And I’ve never had the travel bug – yet! Your collage suggestion and example have me thinking about that too… time for me to call my tech-savvy husband. 😉

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  5. I love the colors in the collage a lot, and they do match each other too! I also like the little circle you created in the middle of the collage box as it does not take away from any of the photographs. I could just imagine the heavenly scent wafting overhead when you walk into Razzoo’s – get the doggie bags ready!

  6. That sounds like a good place to visit on Saturday or Sunday. I thought it was in Fl. rather than Texas.

    Good tips about making collage. I have not done one and have considered color matching etc. Thank you for the tips.

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