Do Only What You Love…


  • I LOVE that having a new grandson is bringing a freshness to everyday in my life.
  • I LOVE clearing out the old and bringing in the new.
  • I LOVE the community this blog brings and the wonderful relationships.
  • I LOVE learning something new everyday…like creating a love poster with brushes.
  • I LOVE having a Savior that loves a sinner like me.


Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.
The consciousness of loving and being loved bring a warmth and richness to life that nothing else can bring.  ~ Oscar Wilde


I have had so many ask…if I would be will to share a tutorial, do an e-class, share my secrets on such and such etc. So I have decided to start a new feature at the bottom of my posts, starting this week! Sharing your wisdom with others is such a sweet reward, how could I do any less? So shall we start on our first tip today?

Tip of the day for bloggers/photographers: Creating links between your posts will bring you higher page views and continuation of your blog story. Please see the bottom of post for an example. I have linked back to old posts that have the same theme as today’s post. You can also disperse them through the post, they don’t always have to be at the bottom. A lot of time right in the middle of the story, I will refer back to an older post and say, see here. It takes you to another post talking about LOVE. This can result in great rewards for you! First, your pageview has now been raised. They are now looking at 2 -3 posts instead of just todays, always a plus! Second, the pageviews are one of the statistics that sponsors, affiliates etc. look for before they will hire you. Third, you put a lot of work into your posts, you don’t want them just sitting out their orbiting space do you? Refer back to your olders posts and resurrect them! Fourth, don’t just let a plug in do this automatically for you. Many times, they will link posts that have no correlation with the one you have just posted and won’t a lot of the time won’t return any extra clicks for you. Fifth, Google ranks pages based on how many other pages link to it. That’s PAGES, not SITES, which means when you link one blog entry to another you are helping each blog article earn better search engine rankings so it will bring in more search traffic. That my friend is what we all want♥

Did you enjoy the first tip of the day? Will you share with us…what is the thing you would LOVE to do in your life? Go to the top right hand corner and fill in your email address and you will begin to receive tips, inspiration and updates delivered right to your mailbox! Laurie XXOO If you like this, you will love: All You Need is LOVE Love Day

33 thoughts on “Do Only What You Love…

  1. Great tips! I can see you put a lot of love into this post. Reminds me of another saying, to correlate with the “do only what you love”: If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with!

  2. Thanks Laurie. Wonderful tip that I should follow. I LOVE this post 🙂 I’m happy to find people like you enjoying life very much. This is helping to take life easy.

  3. What a great post and thanks for the tips.
    I wrote about doing only what you love to do here:
    and the answer I have found for myself can be read in my last post
    You just have to shift your awareness, be grateful for what you have and think positive thoughts. Do not depend on anything to be happy and see the beauty of life in everything.
    I’ve been this far already, but the tragic accident of my son set me back to zero. A little step at a time brought me this far again and I will go all the way through til I can say : I love my life again. I work on it every day transform negative emotions and thoughts into positive ones and I will succeed.
    I love to write and read lovely and inspiring blogs. This is what I love to do the whole day through and I’ll just sneak over into blogger world every now and then, when the urge to read something beautiful and inspiring knock at my door.This is what help me to realize everything I said above.
    Thank you.

  4. I really enjoyed the tips here! As with Rosey’s comment, “everything I’ve loved to do has changed significantly” since Jeff’s diagnosis…As of now, the #1 I would really love to do is grow old with him, and I pray every day that will be possible for us. Thanks for making your blog a positive, fun place to be!

  5. Hi Laurie. I like the tip, however, in the first paragraph of your tip of the day, the word “Here” that is supposed to be linked is not working. Secondly, what does it take to churn up comments. I must be missing the boat on this as I get lil to none?

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