The Lemon Tree And Me…

Yes, we are on the topic of citrus again…I am sorry I just can’t help myself! If you missed the other two posts on this subject, they will be listed on the bottom of this post. The little man took to the beautiful fruit as much as his Grammie and I HAD to show you what his routine is concerning this fruit. First, of all you see how low to the ground they hang, this doesn’t help matters. Very close for little hands to reach and pick one off.
Little Man’s mother told me that he won’t stay AWAY from the lemon tree. No amount of talking will work, he toddles right back to it again and again. Grammie says, “He is Eager.” Mommy thinks he is obsessed♥ I made this photo collage so you can see the steps he goes through. Can you see the reaction on his face when he takes a BIG bite? Wouldn’t you think this would be enough to deter him? NO! He goes right back and does it again! Of course, I think it is adorable and keep laughing very hard and his mother just shakes her head.
Finally, we are able to move him away from the tree, but wait…the lemon has to go with him. I suggested to him that he put it in his bicycle trunk. As you can see from his reaction…he thinks this is a good idea☺The trunk will be a safe place for his lemon.
He had one more thing he had to show his Grammie on her first day at his house. His new fort with a slide attached. Mommy puts him at the top and says, “Are You Ready?” He lights up…Ready… Set…GO!” He pushes off and away he goes. You can see the happy reaction.
The boy has no fear…coupled with a lot of JOY!

As I look over these pictures I was thinking…Why can’t adults take the lemons in their life and still have joy? We can learn so much from children.

My husband just walked into the office and says, our neighbors just dropped off fresh grapefruit and lemons from their trees! Oh be still my heart….we love you J & J♥  What timing is this? I speak of Citrus and it comes forth…

Did you know…starting with the next post…I will be posting tips for bloggers/photographers on every post? Check it out.

Also, don’t forget to check out the other citrus posts…so cute.


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92 thoughts on “The Lemon Tree And Me…

  1. Hi, Laurie–Thanks for signing up for our blog. Great kid pics–and your recent series on Cabbage Key made me think, If I have to endure hot weather I think I’d rather be there than here. Enjoy your grandson–we haven’t quite gotten there yet. Ken

  2. Laurie, these are just beautiful photos of your grandson. I love the angles, the color and how you capture his sweetness. He is a great subject! Thank you so much for visiting my little photography spot. You now have a follower in TX. Hope you and yours enjoy a wonderful week!

  3. Totally adorable! The sweetness oozing from that cute Little Man and that luscious lemon would make the finest, sweetest glass of lemonade on earth. All he’d have to do is stick his finger in it.

  4. I’m a great fan of citrus…I guess mostly because the flowers smell so wonderfully fragrant! Your pictures and posts are just priceless!

  5. A friend of mine has a lemon tree and every time we plan to get together I say don’t forget the lemons! Would we still be friends if she didn’t have a lemon tree???? Life absolutely needs lemons…

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  7. Oh my…could he be any cuter?! I just love the pics of his reaction to the lemon. Too funny! I also love the look on his face as he went down the slide. Such great photos!

    P.S. Thanks for linking up to the GtKY weekend blog hop! 🙂

  8. One of my grans used to love to chew on the lemon slices out of his parents’ tea or water glasses. He would make those same type of faces, but go RIGHT back at it.

    So fun.

  9. Lucky you, a proffering of fresh citrus… I was thinking about marmalade the other day… and your little guy’s face after a tart bite is priceless! Thank you for joining in ‘Rurality Blog Hop #2’ Hope to see you next Wednesday for #3…

  10. Oh Laurie this was so adorable…yes wouldn’t that we great if more people didn’t forget how to be more child like! I remember my daughter at that age liking to suck lemons and eat raw garlic and spoonfuls of salsa! haha Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. I love this! What a cutie. We used to entertain ourselves by giving our kids lemon wedges in restaurants. They made some crazy faces after tasting, but also kept going back for more. So funny.

  12. Adorable pictures and fun post! Reminds me of loving lemon drops candy as a kid. No matter how sour, could not get enough of them. So wonderful to see the joy the lemon tree is bringing to everyone, in very different ways! 🙂

  13. Your photo’s really capture the joy of the day. I guess adults have too many concerns most of the time to throw lemons in the air and live with abandon…but it sure looks like fun.

  14. There is so much love in your pics!!!! And you are so right….Lemons will be there, it is the same if we are happy about it or not…So, better to take them and to have joy…May be an orange is awaiting behing…:)
    Thanks for your posts!

      • That fourth picture really shouted out the resemblance to me. I had not thought about it before then. I have a photo of me on my tricycle that people think is our youngest son when I show it. We both had blond hair as toddlers, and we both have dimples when we smile. I had always wanted a daughter (which we got after the boys were born) and I have to say that I am soooo glad we had sons too. I adore them! I enjoy seeing both sides of the family show up in their facial expressions. We are ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’!

  15. have I mentioned how I adore lemons? Ever since my visit to the Amalfi coast in Italy i have been obsessed with them. I decorate with yellow and blue and lemon accents. These shots sing to me!!

  16. Now for some reason this little guy reminds me of his Grammie! I can see he’s going to be quite adventuresome! Love his expressions

  17. hi laurie…your photos are such a delight! Just love all your grandson’s adorable expressions…and you are able to capture them perfectly! The joy he brings you, shines thru your posts!

  18. Always love your posts; the pictures, the story and the digital designs. Can you tell me how I get my photo placed in the box below?

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