Capturing The Cycle Of Life…

This image was captured as we were taking a walk on Sanibel Island, FL. a few days ago.

Bees and flowers have a symbiotic relationship, so bees want to go to the flowers that want bees. And flowers that want bees put out a welcome mat in the form of a landing pad.

From a standpoint of the relationship between man and bees, we can say that human beings also largely depend on bees in various senses. If honey bees do not work as a pollinator, we cannot expect growth of flowers as well as fruits and cotton etc. Further, we cannot get honey which offers pretty nice and healthy taste to our meals. In this sense it can be said that human beings are getting uncountable benefactions from flowers and bees as well.

I see it like the blogging world…we all depend on each other to make this beautiful cycle work. We rely on the blogging community to nurture, love and respect our creative soul and in return we do the same for them…it is what makes all this go around. It really is a beautiful gift.

Like the flower, here we throw out the welcome mat and hope you find this blog a nice landing pad for your daily life.

What is enriching your life at this moment?

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51 thoughts on “Capturing The Cycle Of Life…

  1. I have cousins that are bee keepers, the bee has always facinated me. I have been trying to using natural sweetners for a while and honey is my staple. Nice photos.

  2. In the spring, we get bumble bees that rest overnight in the blossoms of my yellow daffodils. If I got out when it is still cool, they are dormant, waiting for the sun to warm them up before flying to other parts of the forest. – Margy

  3. Laurie, I love your perspective on what attracts what, the “welcome mat” concept, and how all of life works together to create. Your image is beautiful. Very nice capture of the bee in the backlit sunflower. Thanks for joining Walk and Click Wednesdays!

  4. Well put, Laurie, and I’ll be landing here each week to see what more words of wisdom you have to offer.

    abcw team

  5. We often forget the importance of bees and the cycle of life…your picture is a beautiful reminder that winter is almost over and that cycle will be past as we prepare ourselves for the next cycle of spring and yes bees! Blessings – Patty

  6. My comments were not working on peoples’ blogs for most of today (landed in spam boxes) and I felt like a bee without flowers! You are spot on that we need each other, Laurie.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  7. Fantastic Art work Laurie. I really enjoyed how you related it to blogging. Just like that bumble bee visiting that gorgeous flower, I do feel welcome here too. I happen to be making a scrap page using a new die cut…it cuts honeycomb shapes…there are bee’s buzzing alllll over my page…that’s a nice coincidence. xK

  8. Hi Laurie, I like your post a lot – both the image and the analogy to blogging and net working … my life is enriched right now by the colleques at the course, I’m attending – exchanging experiences and wievpoints, and learning new approaches!
    Have a blessed week 🙂

  9. Laurie, this is so beautiful. Working together and for your community is important. You are correct, it is the full circle and cycle of life. Love this 🙂

  10. What a beautiful welcome mat! I think I need to return to Sanibel for a visit. I would love to see some of those beautiful flowers and sea shells. Winter is dragging me down and it’s only January. Have a wonderful day!

  11. A flower as a welcome mat. What a lovely sentiment. Perhaps that’s why brides throw rose petals at weddings. I visited Sanibel and Captiva many years ago-wouldn’t mind returning. Maine is just too damn cold in the winter. Thanks for sharing a bit of warmth.

  12. Laurie, You are one beautiful vase of hand-picked well pollinated flowers – a pure pleasure with a heart of gold! What would the blog world do without you?! Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  13. Nice photo and write Laurie. In truth, we “ALL Are One”. What we do to others we do to ourselves. It would be a more wonderful world for “ALL” and “Everything” on it if people would really come together as “One”. With the WP world we are doing just that one photograph and person at a time. Namaste

  14. It certainly has been a very pleasant surprise for me… The WP community is one in which I feel very welcome, and in return have been able to invite others into my world… A symbiotic relationship of benefit; to be sure, Laurie…

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