Purple In The Gardens…Part 2 Landscaping The Yard

Our backyard has needed a makeover before the time of Noah and the flood. Okay, probably not that long. But to these homeowners it has seemed like biblical proportion. I am a lover of the color purple, I think it comes from being born in February, with my birthstone… the amethyst. So with that in mind, I designed the gardens with a splash of purple. Both my husband and I adore gardens in the shape of a kidney, so we decided to use this design in the backyard. Purple-leaf plants have become a huge trend in garden design. They offer a varied and versatile palette of trees, shrubs, and ornamental grasses, as well as perennials, annuals, and ground covers. Incorporating purple-foliage plants into borders and backgrounds create a powerful sense of drama. When it comes to design…more drama…happy mama. In the next four photos, you will see some of the variety of plants we used.
Setcreasea – purple queen
Plectranthus – mona lavender
Purple Fountain Grass – rubrum – pennisetum setaceum
Aztec Grass – liriope ophiopagan muscari
IMG_8462 envy_edited-1
In summary, I learned so much about this color in the gardens after some research.

Purple in the garden

  • Purple is considered a cool color in landscape design. Its appearance has a calming effect in a garden.
  • Purple plants visually recede in a garden, helping to make a small space feel larger.
  • Purple’s complimentary color in the garden is yellow. (Guess what I need now?)
  • Purple is a hot color in garden design right now.

So would you use purple in YOUR garden?

I hope this day brings you some sunshine.


ps If you are interested in seeing Part 1, the front yard design click on
We Sold Our Yard On Ebay…

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60 thoughts on “Purple In The Gardens…Part 2 Landscaping The Yard

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  2. Wow. What a lovely yard!

    I must confess to howling out loud at your e-bay sale of your front yard!

    Now THAT was incredibly hilarious!

    What a good sport you are.

    Love your attitude.

    Thanks for sharing this loveliness with us.


  3. I’m wearing purple as I write this. I do love all shades of mauve and purple and was born in February. The only thing that sort of negates your theory is that my mother also loved purple and she was born in August 🙂 I know next to nothing about gardening but really enjoyed the two posts (I checked out the link to Part 1). A heartening story of two people who love beauty, can laugh when that is the best approach, and work like crazy when that is what it takes. Congrats to both you and your hubby on an absolutely wonderful garden!

  4. I love purple anyhow -i have lots of purple clothes too. Do you know (it’s called here) Wandering Jew -very purplish with a dark red cast on one side.

  5. All I have are a couple of flower boxes on our balcony rail as we live in a condo, but I would totally use purple! I planted some tri-colored purple pansies last year and I loved them.

  6. My backyard needs a makeover too. We’ve been in this house for 32 years and started back there with very little except a pear tree. I planted and pruned and the yard took off. It’s now very shady and rather overgrown. The grass I had planted has pretty much all died out due to that shade so I’m on the lookout for some other type of ground cover.

  7. Oh yes.. I love purple in a yard. I have some purple in my yard as well. Purple lantana and That Purple queen that you have. My lantana has gone dormant for the winter and we had a hard freeze and it killed my Purple queen. It is three years old. I guess she didn’t like that cold weather. Very unusual for us to get that cold here in the desert. But you can be sure I will be planting more in the spring.

    Your yard looks beautiful.


  8. Purple plants tend to be hardier than some too. I used to have Delphinium, Monkshood and Iris’s in many purple/lavender hues. Everything co-ordinates with purple it seems. Add orange or pink or white or red….it’s all good.

  9. Absolutely would have purple in my garden…. We have just started ‘outdoor decoration’ in a landscape that was devoid of even one plant… I have planted a couple of Chinese Tallows out front, and watching them grow before my eyes… outstanding…! The back yard now has a Tibouchina and a number of ‘hedging’ plants whose ‘new leaves’ are reddish purple…
    Purple is definitely on the horizon also in the form of grasses….! 😉
    Bring on the purple, I say….

  10. Can’t help thinking of that great Alice Walker quote: “I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it.” Love purple too. I think we both have birthdays in February too!

  11. Oh I love purple and actually have tons of the Purple Queen in my back yard. It’s just grows like crazy around here, especially flourishing in the warmer months. 😀

  12. I love purple and yellow! Little violets and pansies come to mind, and then the lavendar fields. Going to a wedding this summer that will be purple and yellow and I’m hosting a shower for the bride. Been busy pinning lots of purple and yellow ideas!

  13. I love purple and yellow in the gardens. I have tried and tried to grow that Purple Queen but to no avail. Not sure what the problem is. It’s so beautiful, I will try again 🙂

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