Jacuzzi Vineyards…California Part 6


For the past year, I have shared different segments of our California Vacation. I decided it was time add to the series. During our California trip, one of our adventures was Sonoma…I absolutely adored this town!!!! I can’t speak highly enough about it. Our first stop was The Jacuzzi and The Olive Press. Here is their story…

The Jacuzzi trek to America started in 1907, when Valeriano and Francesco Jacuzzi, the second-and third-born sons of Giovanni and Teresa Jacuzzi, immigrated to Washington to work on the railroad. A warmer climate beckoned and the pair eventually made their way to southern California. Years later, they were joined by four other brothers and eventually all went to work in the aviation industry. Soon they would make American history.

In 1911 their father, Giovanni, a skilled wood worker  and vineyard farmer joined them. Two weeks was enough to convince him that his sons would never go back. He then returned to Italy with Valeriano to gather up the rest of the family.

World War I intervened and the trip was delayed until the war’s end. During this time, Valeriano had met Giuseppina and fell in love, married and had their first child. Valeriano’s new family, parents and remaining siblings departed from Italy in 1920.

Soon after their arrival in early 1921, Valeriano started working with his brothers at their Jacuzzi Brothers factory. A tragic crash, over Modesto, of Jacuzzi’s first enclosed monoplane took several lives, including that of Valeriano’s brother, Giocondo. At this time, Giovanni asked his sons to cease making planes. Valeriano moved his family to Northern California and purchased a 161-acre farm in Contra Costa County.

During the depression, Valeriano, with help from his older children, planted a portion of the open farm fields with grapes and in 1936 he applied for a license to make wine for home consumption. At that time he was limited to 200 gallons (approximately 84 cases). The vineyard was planted to Zinfandel, Carignane and Mourvedre and he sold grapes for $30-$35 a ton.

In 1937, Valeriano returned to work with his brothers at Jacuzzi Brothers, Inc. located in Berkeley, CA where they manufactured water well pumps and eventually, the bath and spa that bears their name. Check out their website and story here.


What a beautiful piece of property this vineyard is. It was enjoyable to walk around and appreciate the architecture and nature. A beautiful building with a gorgeous courtyard inside.  Once we pushed open the door, this Italian castle wine con olive oil tasting winery immediately grabbed our oohs and aahs. Wine in the left room and olive oil, balsamic, and various tapenades and marinades on the right side, if you go there, try their Peach balsamic vinegar with their olive oil…it’s heaven! Two different companies, both will ship their product to you. The wine tasting is complimentary and they have such a variety of Italian grape breeds that learning about them is so much fun! They have a huge shop area with plenty of things to browse through. so you’ve really got two completely different tasting experiences in one stop.


Look at the sky…could it be any more beautiful?


After the wine tasting, we walked to the back to check out the back property which included: the Stone-Cast Fountain, the Grand Piazza, and Neptune statue overlooking the vineyard. It was very nice and relaxing.


One of my favorite shots…



The backside of the property where the beautiful vineyards occupy! What an enjoyable experience!

There will be more photos in the future of this beautiful quaint town.

Have you ever been to Sonoma or the wine country? Please share, we would love to hear about your trip.

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Have a great weekend everyone!


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55 thoughts on “Jacuzzi Vineyards…California Part 6

  1. Very cool. Thanks for the pictures and information. I’ve never been there and seriously doubt I ever will, so I can vicariously enjoy! 😀

  2. Beautiful pictures. I sometimes think of it when we visit Coronado. Apparently it’s only 11 feet about sea level. But, nothing ventured, nothing gained… We hope to retire on Vancouver Island…near (not on) the ocean…que sera sera

  3. What timing, we are in fact planning a trip this year that will include Sonoma I’m going to meet my friend Alys at Gardening Nirvana, we’ve had a wonderful friendship thru blogging and so I’m very excited.

  4. I grew up in Northern California and a couple of years ago brought my Australian husband to Napa and Sonoma. We LOVED Sonoma and plan to go back next time we are in the US. The square in the middle of town is lovely, the food was great and we we found a few lovely wines…especially the Pinot Noir from the Russian River! YUM!!

  5. It looks like you guys had a wonderful time. I have been to Sonoma. It is such a beautiful place. and the scenery is just gorgeous. We also love to go to the wineries up near Solvang. So many beautiful places to visit. Thanks so much for sharing your photos with us.


  6. I stop by via linking and found your amazing blog. I’m leaving for CA in a few hours. San Francisco and Monterey are definitely on my list. Your posts are fantastic for my info. Terrie from Hong Kong

  7. Oh I could write for days about sonoma! We love Jacuzzi, it’s gorgeous, I always get a refill on olive oil, and I always take photos of the lovely landscape. I must admit, it’s a beautiful venue, but there wine is less than my favorite! I know, I’m a snob! I like Sonoma so much better than Napa. Friendlier, folks less pretentious. Our son got married not far from there at Jeriko vineyards in Mendocino County.

  8. Oooh, I have never even been to CA, can you believe that? I live in Texas and there are several wineries that I would like to see here. Such a beautiful place, yes the sky is gorgeous, and I love the photo with the little shutter doors open.

  9. This sounds incredible! Wine, olive oil, tepenade…you’ve won me over! I really enjoy anything in the Mediterranean style of food.

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