University of Notre Dame Class of 2030…

notre dame child
Well…University of Notre Dame has the big one tonight!! It has been 25 years since we have been in the BCS National Championship Game! That is a long time folks, for us die hard fans! We have waited so long……and it is finally here! Yipee! Now, for you that are not fans of football or Notre Dame, you will just have to excuse me for today. Little Man and his grandparents here had a little discussion on the topic. It went something like this.

Picture 1 – Little Man says, “You want me to go to Notre Dame Grammie and Granpie?”

Picture 2 – Little Man says, “My Mommy went to Notre Dame too? “You want me to be an alumni also?”

Picture 3 – Little Man says, “But my Daddy hasn’t been told of this plan yet?” Oh boy…

Just believe Little Man…just BELIEVE!!
Grammie says, “We have 17 years to work on your Daddy.”

Granpie says, “Just keep your eye on the ball grandson.”

Little Man says, “I will feel better after you have discussed this with Daddy!”

Grammie says, “Lets wait till after tonight to see how things go.”

So I guess you can decipher what we will be doing this evening☺

What do you have on the agenda? Anything fun or exciting?


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27 thoughts on “University of Notre Dame Class of 2030…

  1. Good luck on the game tonight!

    You visited my blog and left a nice comment, and I just wanted to say thanks! I don’t have any grandkids yet but I think it will be the best thing to come! Have a blessed day!
    Marty@Marty’s Musings

  2. What an adorable little guy! I dream of our three children making a gospel band together… They all have good voices and each plays an instrument. They have not caught the vision – yet ! 😉

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  3. One can only image what it will like in the year 2030! With a loving family to support him like he has, I’m sure Nolan will shine no matter where he goes or what he chooses to do! I must report, though, that my ‘Bama raised husband has his own hopes and dreams for tonight’s game!

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