What If Your Fears and Dreams Exist In The Same Place?


When you finish the lovely 3/4 mile walk on the boardwalk of Clam Pass Park….this is the beauty that awaits you! I love this saying…it fits for me. I have always dreamed on living right on the ocean! But can I tell you a secret? I have a big fear of hurricanes….and the two sometimes just don’t mesh in my head. One big dream…one big fear clashing together…who wins out? The dream or the fear? For now…it is not a real problem, the cost of flood insurance on the coast line is SO astronomical that it isn’t even an issue now. But would I if I could? Would I go there?

boardwalk-on-clam-pass-beac boardwalk-pilings-on-clam-p bird-on-clam-pass-beach-nap childrens-sand-pails-on-cla clam-pass-beach-waves sunset-starting-at-clam-pas

I would love to hear from you what fear is holding you back from your dreams? Remember it can’t happen…unless you write it down.

Why not here?

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83 thoughts on “What If Your Fears and Dreams Exist In The Same Place?

  1. That’s an interesting thought that fear and dreams can and do inhabit the same place some times. I know this is an old post…I’m assuming you haven’t moved to the beach yet. It’s always fun to visit the beach! ~Sherry

  2. Dreams and Fears existing in the same place . . . what an interesting thought . . . because I think it is so true for me with my photography . . . wow . . . I need to mull on that one for a while . . .

  3. Fabulous photos which make me homesick for the beach. My fears and dreams? Oh yes they exist in the same place: retiring from teaching and working with photography in some way. Definitely my dream and definitely scary. But I plan to go there.

  4. Glorious photos. No real hurricane threat but we could potentially have an earthquake in the Algarve and the tsunami potential would be scarey. Global warming being what it is, a lot of the low lying islands are under threat anyway. That’s life as we know it. Best not to think too deeply?

  5. I was really afraid of big water such as from 6-12 feet of pool water to ocean water. One yr my husband and I went water rafting…in a river. In a sense, it turned into a dream of sorts. Read my blog (“About Me, the host”).
    Afterwards, my fear lessened, but it didn’t go away. I can tell you though, I have a greater respect and appreciation for God’s creation. Thank you for sharing your fear and dream.

  6. A good question….i also live in a typhoon belt province meaning most of the cyclones and typhoons in my country pass by in our region….my parents do not want to relocate as this has been their home ever since…and this for me is my fear as i dream of building a house for my parents one day but then with whats happening with climate change, things get pretty uncertain….btw, love your photos and thanks too for liking some of mine at Gasm Travels Stay safe this 2013!

  7. This is a very good question. Money is holding me back. That is all. I need more money to make my dreams become reality. We are at retirement age and yes I still have dreams but am facing limited income!

    But I am still making excuses aren’t I? I guess me and my fear of spending the money and also that I might fail even after spending the money is the right answer.

    You certainly have some great pictures here and you are young enough to make a major change like that. You can choose more carefully. You can live along the Gulf as opposed to the Atlantic and then there is always the Pacific.

    If you let mother nature hold you back you will be waiting for a long long time. Because between tornadoes, bad thunderstorms with high winds, earthquakes, hail storms, etc…weather can destroy you where ever you live.

    I say go for it! If I were even in my 40’s again I would!

  8. What lovely photos!! Fear is an interesting thing. Too much is not a good thing, but too little can be just as devastating. As someone mentioned above what a conundrum you have going. I fear that I might not be the mother and wife I could or should be. I might not be enough or measure up to what I think it is all about. On a good note, I rarely let that fear get in my way;)

  9. Such lovely beach photos! Adore all those bright colours of the little sand buckets!
    I live by the sea on a peninsula – with Port Phillip Bay before me and behind is Westernport Bay leading out to the Tasman Sea. I guess I am one of the lucky ones, because we don’t get the threat of hurricanes here! I can’t imagine living anywhere else except my sea world!

  10. Laurie, I love the photos. May I offer my thoughts on fear of hurricanes? My grandmother had a tremendous fear of storms, and we lived southeast of New Orleans. My father took a different tack: we swam in the Gulf waters, we fished on piers, we enjoyed the many lakes and bays. When storms came, we prepared and hoped for the best. Even for Hurricane Katrina, we fared very well. Of course, it could have been different, but why lose time worrying? Get out there and enjoy!

  11. Laurie, my dreams and fears are in the same place and I have to constantly remind myself to go for the dream despite the fears. Beautiful photographs in this post.

    I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this on a previous visit, but I love the photo of you in the header; it’s lovely.

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  13. I adore the ocean and the water but you have to have a healthy respect for it all. That’s not a bad thing. I lived through a serious hurricane in Jamaica and no what damage they can do. But there’s nothing like being close to this kind of beauty. Gorgeous images, Laurie.

  14. Wonderful photographs! I love the beach too. My plan (not that I can afford it) is to have a house on a cliff overlooking the beach. That way it is too high for a hurricane to destroy it with ocean waves. But I still have the beauty of the ocean as my view, and the sounds of the waves at night, to lull me to sleep. CT got hit with bad hurricanes two years in a row. Very rare for this part of the country. People are still waiting for Sandy relief money.

  15. I love to visit, but I’m definitely an “inlander”—although I did live for 4 years on a very tiny (one-quarter of a square mile) island in Micronesia and two more years on larger islands in that country. For me, the beach is a beautiful place to visit.

  16. good question. If I could afford to live on the beach, I would. I guess I would have a second home and a lot of insurance… I love the photo of the umbrellas in the sand, and the “sand pails”. Too cute! {:-Deb

  17. Such beautiful pictures! I have several fears that keep me from losing weight. The biggest one is that I still won’t like the way I look.

    The level of jealousy I’m feeling right now is not healthy. Stella is my favorite beer too! Solo good!

    P.S. Thanks for linking up to the GTKY blog hop!

  18. I LOVE the ocean. I live out here in Vegas so we like to visit the California coast line. There are no hurricanes there. But they do have the earthquakes that are pretty scary. I would move to California in a heart beat. But it is so expensive so I guess I will keep on visiting there beaches till I hit the lottery. 🙂

    Your photos look amazing!!


  19. Love your pictures and post. My fears come from inside; intuition. Unfortunately sometimes intuition isn’t always right and you miss out on so much.

  20. My fear is that I think too much about what others will think of my choices. There’s things I know in my heart that need changing or improvement, but it’s so much safer to just stay put in my little bubble…

    Thanks for sharing with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party!


  21. Love your pictures! I am so in love with the beach and the ocean. Someday, I’d love to live there.

    Thanks for linking up with the GtKY hop!

  22. I live in an island right in the middle of the Caribbean… Beaches are beautiful and hurricanes visit from time to time, but it’s worth it! Lovely photos!

  23. Great post! Love the top picture!!! I know someones who really wants to do a triathalon in Hawaii, but has a mental block about swimming in the ocean. I’ve got to share this with him! Thanks so much!!!

  24. I love, love, love the pictures of the beach. Such white sand and blue water. I have the same fears of living by the ocean, but I’m more afraid of tsunamis than hurricanes.

  25. Beautiful photos and I too have a fear of hurricanes so don’t think I could ever live on the coast. As far as the fear that is holding me back, I will have to get back to you on that one. I am still processing this one.

  26. I grew up on the Florida coast and have experienced many hurricanes. Most of them are not as bad as you would think and can be prepared for if you buy the right type of house in the right location.

    My dream is also to live by the beach again, but my fear is that I’ll be too far away from my children and miss them too much.

  27. Love this post! The pictures are gorgeous and the beach is something I would like to see outside my home one day! I too, have my hurricane and expense concerns, so in the meantime I will visit whenever I can! 🙂

  28. Beautiful place — you are so lucky to live near the ocean. I understand your fear though, and I’m a prairie girl. When we get tornadoes in our neck of the woods I get completely terrified, still, I wouldn’t move for the world.

  29. These are all beautiful shots…. 😀 The next to the last one looks a lot like several of mine from Panama City Beach, Florida…. My escape place…. LOL

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