What Grandchildren Do…

IMG_6781eIMG_6545e IMG_6546e IMG_6581e IMG_6583e IMG_6587e

    • They melt our hearts with their soulful eyes.
    • They give us hope for the future.
    • They makes us laugh with their silliness.
    • They lift our spirits.
    • They remind us of what really counts in this world.
    • They teach us to have fun again in life.
    • They give us back our patience.
    • Most of all, they shower us with their love.

I hope you have been able to spend the last few days with your family.

Did you make some great memories with each other?
Till next time…

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34 thoughts on “What Grandchildren Do…

  1. Oh Laurie. These pictures were sooooo adorable! They melted my heart.

    My husband and I are mindful to spend every moment we can with our Grandlittles and children. Times goes quickly and at the end I don’t think having a spotless house is what I’ll remember!

    This was a Grand link.

    Thank you!


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  3. Hi Laurie,
    Your grandson is such a cutie! His parents must be so thankful for getting all these moments captured on film by you!
    Enjoy the holidays with your family,

  4. I always love seeing your photos of your grandson ~ he is just soooooo CUTE!!
    Thanks for sharing with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party :))


  5. This little cutie-pie can sure melt all our hearts! I’m missing ALL my grandchildren this holiday but I’m thankful for pictures and Skype!

  6. Oh he is such a cutie — love his chubby cheeks — and the drop of drool! Precious. My son and daughter were here for Christmas, and they’ll come again for New Years Day dinner — and next week we’ll be celebrating again with our 6 year old granddaughter!

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