Venice Christmas Boat Parade…

Our lovely friends Beverly and Dave invited us to Venice for their annual Christmas Boat Parade Party. It is quiet the event every year! She sends invitations out one month prior and they are always adorable and very clear about what to bring and do. She then goes and stakes out her territory, this girl means business! This is done about two weeks before the parade! Yellow caution taped is used to mark the boundaries.  Lawn chairs are even brought in early to lay claim to the property also.  We love their passion for everything they do in life. There is no middle ground with them….one of the reasons we have hit it off so well together. On top of our mutual passions, we both became grandmothers last year! It is quiet amusing to me really!
I will tell you, they had one of the most elaborate set ups on the river for the parade. I was able to take a picture as she was setting up for the party.
The guests are starting to arrive…she even has Christmas music playing and name tags ready for them. The girl doesn’t miss a beat on anything! You can see why I love her so. Details, details, details!!!!!  Just my style☺
The drawbridge is raised a few minutes before the parade to let the big lighted ships through.IMG_8016eIMG_7998eIMG_8010eIMG_8002e
I hope you enjoyed the parade! It is one of my favorite holiday events every year.

Some side news:

  • I made a huge decision this week! I am going to the Chic Retreat in Seattle!  There will be eight celebrity photographers in one huge workshop in Seattle in May of next year! Lord have mercy, I can’t believe I really registered and sealed the deal! I must be crazy!! Are there any photographers out there that are willing to join me?

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Have a Thankful Thursday.

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41 thoughts on “Venice Christmas Boat Parade…

  1. Oh, I love this!

    We live close to some man-made lakes and often at night we see boats all decorated on the water.

    The reflections are always inCredible.

    It would be quite neat to actually see a parade!

    Thanks for letting me hang out at yours!


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  3. Christmas boat parade parties are great fun! I live on the Florida east coast and we have several boat parades here. If you ever get the chance to go to one you should really try to go.

  4. What a beautiful, colorful Christmas parade! And different indeed! I love it! Terrific captures for the day! Have a great week!

  5. I just run an article about blog awards on my blog. More than 100 comments but all have been strictly against accepting any award. When I see your blog I would like to invite you to present the other side of the coin. Why did you accept all those blog awards without being afaid of indecency? I would be very greatful if you would join the discussion on my blog.
    Thank you.
    Greetings from the sunny coast of Norfolk

  6. Portland and Seattle do the lighted boats too. I now live in Utah, it doesnt happen here. I miss taking the kids to dinner and watching the boat parade from the big glass window…They are good memories…You are going to have so much fun in Seattle! Good for you….Melinda

  7. What a fun tradition! We have an annual Christmas ship parade here in Portland. Boats tour both the Columbia and Willamette Rivers (alternating evenings). It’s probably a lot warmer where you’re at though. Have fun in Seattle. It’s an amazing city.

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