Fort Myers Beach SandSculpting Championship…

We went to the largest SandSculpting competition in Florida last week! It was a blast.

The weather was an image right out of Norman Rockwell.

Crystal blue perfect skies and not one cloud….it was what my husband calls, “A Laurie Day.”

I don’t like clouds, no not one!

I know call me crazy but in my mind it messes up the perfect landscape of the sky in my humble opinion.

We attempted to shoot our Christmas Card Photo, but little man was not cooperating!

There was just too much to look at, he had never seen anything like this before.

I still think it is precious, so I decided to share it here with our blog family.

This was my favorite sculpture of the day! Just too cute.

This year they celebrated the 26th annual American Sand Sculpting Championships on Fort Myers Beach.

The American Championships is one of the longest running sand sculpting competitions in the world and this year it will be the largest in the state of Florida.

Over 1000 tons of sand was piled and sculpted in to unbelievable works of art.

More than any competition in Florida.

For the first time in its history the American Championships will host both singles and doubles divisions. It was way cool to see the duo-teams working together on these detailed creations.

In all there was 30 sand sculptures to view. The detail in these sculptures was just AMAZING!!!







Well looky here, we met another furry friend at this event. Is she not precious? Can you see she has had some fun in the sand too?

This years sponsors of the festival…Bless Their Little Hearts!

Isn’t it wonderful that in this world, we still have corporations and organizations willing to give of their time and money with the way everyone else is cutting back?

I think everybody should have an opportunity to see one of these world events in person.

If you are taking a vacation next year, why not let this be your destination?

Have any of you ever seen a world class SandSculpting event? If so, where was it located?


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49 thoughts on “Fort Myers Beach SandSculpting Championship…

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  4. WOW…these sculptures are just amaaaaazing! I’ve never seen any this detailed. But as great as these all are…that pup with the sand on his nose totally tugged at my heart strings 🙂

  5. I love it !! My parents used to live in ft Myers and as soon as I saw the pictures I knew it was the sand castle championship !!
    It is so beautiful , you captured the day beautifully.

  6. hi Lauire! looks like you had a picture perfect day! I have been to this competion many times and love to photograph it! I did not come down this November. I think November is the most perfect month in florida…sunny blue skies and low humidity!

  7. You certainly captured one of the many spectacular events vacationing on Fort Myers Beach has to offer in your photos! The details that could be seen almost made me feel like I was right there!

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