Mirror Mirror On The Wall…D.I.Y. Project

They were going to throw this old mirror away at work!! I just loved the lines mixed with the curves! So I said, “I will take it home and give it a make-over.” I was told, “It is all yours!” The magic words I wanted to hear♥

With a lot of help from the hubster, we were able to get the project started and finally finished a few days ago.

As you can see here….some wear and tear to the ole girl.

This product is magic as far as I am concerned. This product is not your old mama and papa’s spray paint….just take my word for it. A whole different breed, indeed! IT gives so much depth and richness.

Did this not turn out fabulous or what?  It gave it such an updated contemporary look! I know you can’t tell the detail here. but this hammered look on the mirror was spectacular. The paint put a lot of depth to the project. This now hangs in my office at work, the wall adjacent to the mirror is painted a deep grey.

I also wanted to let you know about another color in this line that we have used that is also gorgeous! It is called, Metallic Oil Bronze Rub. We have used it on our bird feeder in the back yard and on some of the pieces of furniture out in our lanai. They all look brand new!

I would love to hear your comments on the project! Have YOU used this product before in your home? If so, what color did you try?

Feel free to pin this on Pinterest or Facebook…all I ask is the your refer them back to this blog.


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8 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror On The Wall…D.I.Y. Project

  1. I’ll bet the folks at work want the mirror back now that it has taken on a whole new glamorous life!!! 🙂 I had never heard of the hammered aluminum spray paint. I’ll look for it here. I would love to spruce up a thing or two around here with a hammered aluminum look. I do have the oil rubbed bronze, though, and I LOVE it!!! I have painted all kinds of things including urns and vases, and I plan to make a project out of painting all the knobs, handles and pulls around the house with it. No small undertaking, but it will save lots of money and totally be worth it for the rich look it is sure to render! Thank you for stopping by my place earlier today. I really appreciate it! Meanwhile, I’m going to peep through your blog to see what other kinds of fun stuff you have going on here! 🙂

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