Boys Will Be Boys…D.Y.I. Project

I took on a new hobby earlier this year that I shared with you months ago here. Loom Knitting!  It is a very relaxing hobby in which I wish I had more time to create these knitted cuties! I couldn’t wait till the moment when the days would get cooler, so little man could start wearing his hat Grammie made for him. Well, the time has come and I wanted to share the experience with you. Little man adorns his knitted hat before his family takes him out for a stroller ride. I think he is pretty adorable in it, but wait…

Hold on to your “hat” for what I am about to share!…

Are you ready?…

Little Man didn’t want the tassel on his hat!

After only having daughters in my life, Grammie is learning…Boys will be Boys! Sigh…

Never fear…I am not giving up! I will still keep making these precious creations…but I do think Little Man and Grammie are going to have a talk first.

When was the last time you discovered a new passion or tried something a bit out of the ordinary?

If it’s been a while, perhaps it’s time to give that long-considered project a chance. You never know…you might fall in love again.

I would love to hear what you have been creating lately?

P.S. DO you know how to make a baby proof tassel?

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Have a great day!


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35 thoughts on “Boys Will Be Boys…D.Y.I. Project

  1. Thank you so much for introducing me to loom knitting. I know now, what I am going to do on Saturday, shopping around for this gadget…..

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  4. Hi, Laurie!!! The hat is ADORABLE!! (of course, anything on that little fellow is going to look precious!!!) But the POMPOM!!!! I really did have to giggle just a bit…….baby proof ANYTHING???? You must be kidding! 🙂
    Thanks so much for hopping into my blog!!! So glad we found each other.

  5. Ooo, nooo! Sorry, but I have no advice on how to boy proof a tassel.

    I look forward to reading your comment on my blog.

    Happy Blue Monday, Laurie.

    **I noticed that you tried to link in to the thumbprints, but left no photo. Perhaps you could try again.

  6. When I first saw the pics, I wondered if you made the hat, then I saw that you did. It’s cute! My son has tassels on the seat ties for his rocker…well, he USED to have tassels… Same thing happened here. 🙂 Happy WW!

  7. What great colors in that hat for those big beautiful eyes!! Nolan already has his own sense of style!!! Very very cute! Love how we can watch him grow on your blog!!

  8. He is adorable x 100! How can you stand it?! Isn’t it fun having a boy though? They are so intrigued with everything. After raising two, I still have no idea how to baby proof their hats and such. They always figure out a way to do what they want to do! My girls were so different 🙂

  9. So that’s what you were waiting to tell us Nolan did. What a SMART little boy!!!
    The hat is adorable. You are so clever. He looks precious in it.

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