An Idea For A Happy Weekend…

We love our homes!!

It is our safe haven.

One thing that unites us all in this world.

Why don’t you give yourself a break this weekend…curl up in bed…with a cup of tea or coffee…and R.E.L.A.X.!

Don’t play on the laptop, iPad, iPod or any other electronics…just be…let your mind rest.

Recharge your soul…and see you back here on Monday.

Any thoughts on the subject?


17 thoughts on “An Idea For A Happy Weekend…

  1. What a lovely photo Laurie and a great thought. We do need to walk away from all these techy things.

    Love your new blog format — so sleek and clean. xo

  2. That is the most calm and serene photograph! Love your relaxing idea, we have done that part of the time – a very rare thing! 🙂

  3. I go through electronic withdrawals for about five minutes and then enjoy enjoy enjoy. It’s nice to be unplugged. I think we should all do it regularly. Happy weekend.

  4. Sounds perfect Laurie! I love my home and my bed. When my daughter was in 1st grade, she had to write what my hobby was and she wrote sleeping! Lol! I do love my sleep 🙂

  5. Your bed looks lovely, Laurie. Very inviting for a relaxed weekend ahead:) I’m off to some garage sales this morning (it’s already Sat morning here in Australia). My idea of relaxing and fun. But i’ll be sure to begin the day with a nice long cup of tea, that’s for sure. Happy weekend to you! Kim (BYW)

  6. I checked your blog too late! You know Friday is my cleaning day. It does sound like a grand idea, resting all weekend! I just had to strip the bed so that I could put the new quilt on it, that I just finished last night. Have a restful weekend! Love MOM

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