Fall Art For Your Home…

The most important aspect of choosing artwork is finding pieces that express your personality while enhancing the look of a room. Artwork is an accessory that should add interest and sophistication. Be mindful of your color schemes and decorating themes when selecting a good art pieces for a room and look to create balance and harmony with the rest of the room’s contents. Fall flavor artwork is one of my favorite styles of decorating. The bark, lush foliage, and the earth elements bring the outside indoors. Fall Season’s rich color and warm hues make it perfect for all home decor. Metal art is popular right now and can be found everywhere!! I created this collage and background of all the different elements in the artwork, so you could have a close up view. The best way I have found for creating a background is using brushes in Photoshop. These adorable leaf brushes can be found on Mel’s Brush Blog. You know one of the great aspects of having a blog? It lets out your Artsy Fartsy Side…☺
Woven bamboo create great texture on a wall when multiple pieces are grouped together. When you use wood you instantly get a warm effect.

Clustering lots of images together adds visual interest and a fun aspect to the room. You can experiment with photos, pictures of nature, or smaller paintings grouped together. I chose to use a cluster of four here on this wall. Not every piece in your home needs to be investment art, but every piece in your home should be something that makes you feel good when you look at it.

You get a little bonus today…a peek into our kitchen☺ It wasn’t planned!  To capture this grouping, the kitchen had to appear. You don’t mind do you?

I have a confession…I follow a lot of blogs in blogsphere!! So much goodness out there.♥  You know one of my favorite things? When bloggers give you a little peak into their homes! Oh YEA!!! Total love! Homes have personalities and are so fun to view! So if YOU feel the same way I do…let me know!

The best thing you can do when you follow a blog…tell them what YOU would like to see more of. Examples would be: Photography, crafts, tutorials, inspiration/encouraging words, interior design, graphic design, cooking, book reviews, fashion, family, music, scrap booking etc. You know what is wonderful about all these selections I listed here? I love them all! So we have many roads we can travel down…it is up to you!

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Let me hear your thoughts on this subject! I can’t wait to hear your sweet comments.


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12 thoughts on “Fall Art For Your Home…

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  2. I wish my kitchen was that clean looking! My countertops are always covered with everything baby and toddler – bottles, sippy cups, etc. Love your artwork!

  3. Laurie…I recognized your kitchen right away. It would take me a week to unclutter my kitchen for a shot like this, when yours looks immaculate every day of the week! You should show more of your excellent decorating in the rest of your house. It is fantastic! You also should share some of your scrapbooking talent! Your blog gets better and better! Love you! MOM (of your darling husband)

  4. Hi Laurie…you are right! It is fun to have a little peek into another’s home! Hmmm….i will have to think about that myself. Not sure though if my kitchen is as spanking clean :~) love your artwork too!

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