DIY…Create Your Own Adorable Wedding Decor…

1. This invitation was created using four different colors of card stock. Pretty adorable huh? Use circle punches as the bottom border, using one of each color. Then type out all the necessary information on three different colors of card stock. Keeping each card at varying lengths so it is visible to your guests. Use the main color of the wedding as the frame of the invitation itself.

2. Use photos of the two of you as your table seating arrangements. These photos were hung high on the center piece of each table.

3. Wedding Programs…using the same four colors of card stock…type out all your wedding information for your programs. Cut out in a desired shape. Use a brad to connect all four pieces together along with a thin ribbon. These will hang on the corner of each guest chair.

4. Party favor bags are…oh…so…cute. Use satin to sew the favor bag in the main color of your theme. Use the accent colors for the thin ribbons to tie the bags closed. The possibilities are endless what you can use these for….

5. Cut out a sample piece of each color of ribbon and carry it with you at all times, when shopping for the wedding. Perfect when you are meeting with the florist, cake decorator or even shopping for your own supplies. This keeps everything in the same exact hue color and gives the wedding that extra special touch of beauty.

These techniques are the brain child of my daughters who’s creativity knows NO bounds! They were used at my youngest daughter’s wedding a few years ago. This style is timeless and could be used in so many ways. I hope I have inspired YOU to be creative at your upcoming wedding in your family or next celebration.

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Thank you for giving me a few minutes of your time today.


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