A Dialogue between Mommy and Little Man…TWO-sday Random Post #7

A short dialogue between Mommy and Little Man!

Nolan says, “Aaahh…look what mom has bought me!”

Mommy says, “Little Man…are you chewing on the tags?”

Nolan says, “Yes, but you still love me! They share a laugh together.

Mommy says, “No, You can’t suck on these tags. Let me have it.”

Grammie says, “Little Man…play with my camera lid instead.”

Nolan says, “Okay, Grammie!”

Nolan says, “Yea…I have her wrapped around my little finger!”

Is there somebody in your life…that has YOU wrapped around their finger? If so, count your blessings!

These TWO both…have me wrapped around their fingers!
There is nothing like a little charisma in a personality to keep life fun!!

They inspire me to grow and be the best Mom and Grammie a girl can be. I have so much admiration and respect for both of my daughters.
They took the lessons that we instilled in them and ran with it…not a little jog…but the full marathon!

You think your job is done when they leave the nest, but guess what?  They will always need your support and love.
A mothers work is NEVER done…Amen?!

On a side note for you savvy shoppers…Mommy scored BIG time!
All these clothes…she only paid .97 cents or 1.97 each!! Now that’s fun!

Happy TWO-sday everyone.


25 thoughts on “A Dialogue between Mommy and Little Man…TWO-sday Random Post #7

  1. The rule at Grammy’s house is “What happens at Grammy’s stays at Grammy’s. We also have the best bubble baths and Ritz crackers.

  2. Oh yes, I have a 4-year-old grandgirl that has accomplished that from the moment I saw her! And, yes, I feel exceptionally blessed. Love your commentary and photos.

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