An Adorable Girls Night Out…Bunco Style!

The fun loving game of Bunco is adored by millions of women in the U.S. It is estimated that

59 million women have played Bunco and about 21 million women play Bunco on a regular basis.

Good grief…who knew?! I had heard about this game for years and decided it was time to cross

something else off my Bucket List☺ Check…done!

The round coaster cutouts I used as the underside of the wineglass for decoration. After cutting

out all the circles, I used double sided scotch tape and it worked out perfectly! Add some pink

tulle and you have total cuteness!

I knew the girls were going to need some hydration sometime in the evening…So how about

some BUNCO water bottles to add to the line up?

Now here was one of my favorite things I made for the party. Personalized Favor Bags for all the

guests. I started a couple of weeks before the party to assemble the bags etc. I was SO glad I did.

They took a little longer than I expected♥  Everyone received an initialized stamper with a cute stamp

pad in Christmas colors that they will be able to use for their Christmas Card Envelopes.

Do you see the Hello Kitty Hat? Pretty cute huh? My friend, Kristy from Life in Reflection gave me

the idea of using some cute or embarrassing head wear for the girl who Bunco’s! Every time someone

yelled, “BUNCO”…Hello Kitty made her way to the Bunco players head!

See the edge of those pink bags? I awarded players for the Most BUNCOs, Most Wins – person with

most “W” (Wins),and Most Losses – person with most “L” (Losses). I kept all the gifts in my pink and black

theme, this was not the easiest feat…but I was determined! For example: The winner received a pair of big

furry pink and white striped socks and a pair of black furry socks, along with a very cute purse notepad that

was labeled “Girls Night Out” all in pink and black. Now for the loser…this was fun!! I just cleaned out my

bathroom drawer☺ The bag was full of all kinds of embarrassing items along with some nasty old used

products. I had warned them all night…YOU DON’T WANT TO BE THE LOSER☺

I assembled 3 tables of 4 in competing teams of 2. At each table, I placed 3 dice, a Bunco Table

Tally score sheet (Isn’t this adorable?) and pens for each players to keep their scores.

Here we have Miss Kathy…such a CUTE Buncette! She held the Hello Kitty hat for 2/3 of the night!

What a Bunco player!!

This was table 3…referred to as “In the Pits!” The girls were all good sports!

Miss Mary finally took the Hello Kitty hat from Miss Kathy at the end of the evening. Doesn’t she

have the prettiest blue eyes?

This was the coveted table one “In the Deluxe!” This table set the tone for the whole night! A

place you wanted to be.

The most important ingredient of Bunco…is having a great bunch of fun girlfriends! Lordy, did I get

blessed with them!! Thank you, ladies for making this such a sweet success and so entertaining!! A

shout out to Beverly from Wisconsin…Girlfriend thanks for the phone call!

I want to direct you to a wonderful link to download a lot of these printable decorations for YOUR party.

Go to Shindig Parties…so many cute ideas!! Plan ahead…even though the designing has been done for

you…these projects take time…so plan accordingly.

The top photo I added a quote to the image. Inspired…fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel

something, especially to do something creative.

I hope this post leaves you with some inspiration for whatever road that may be.

Don’t you just love Girls Nite Out?

Have you ever been to a Bunco Party before?

I would LOVE to hear if you have! Leave your sweet comments below.

If this is your first or second visit…we would LOVE to be friends. Go to the bottom left hand corner of the

blog! This way you won’t miss a fun or inspiring post.

Here’s to a great week!


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63 thoughts on “An Adorable Girls Night Out…Bunco Style!

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  17. It looks like a fun night was had by all. What great decorations and theme you had.

    I played bunco once years ago when I was asked to sub for a regular who couldn’t make it. Unfortunately, that was the only time. I enjoyed it. I’m not sure I’d want to do it on a regular basis, as so many do, just because of all the work that goes into hosting. But being a sub sure was fun.

    Happy Sharefest. Glad you had a good time.

  18. I have never played Bunco before but am a bit curious now! Love the pink deco, you did a wonderful job 🙂

    Visiting from SITS, you definitely have yourself your newest follower!

  19. I love this! I have played Bunco a couple of times before and it is such a fun time! You sure did make your party special!! Thanks for linking up with Tuesdays with Tori!

  20. Oh, Laurie, I am “pink” with envy!!! It looks like you girls had such a GREAT time. I am so sorry I missed it. How cute are Kathy & Mary in their pink hats? Wow the planning that went into this is outstanding!!!!! Beautiful job!!!!!!!!

  21. A definite yes to the Bunco girls for me. We meet every month, there are 12 of us so we rotate houses each month. After years of doing this we just give $5 to winner, loser, and 4 others. Got to be a hassle trying to come up with little gifts. Yours looks like so much fun, you really made your Bunco evening into a memorable one. Thanks for sharing.

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  23. Laurie

    WOW! Am I ever sorry to have missed your Bunco party. You are so clever and creative and full of love of everything in life.

    Your grandson is a real peach. Wish I could give him a big hug. It is great that we have this advanced technology. You sure put it to good use.

    Hope to see you soon. We expect to leave this cold country next Monday.

    All the best.

    Love Bev

    Sent from my iPad

  24. Wow. That’s some bunch party! Beautiful. Our husbands refer to our bunch parties as drunco parties! Visiting from the moms mingle

  25. Lovely and fun posts ~ so creative and such a great group of women friends ~ don’t know Bunco ~ would you believe it? Yep never heard of it ~ You are so creative ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  26. Laurie, You REALLY know how to throw a party! A good time was had by ALL.! It’s amazing how you paid attention to each and every little detail ….. and recapped it all in this post! SO glad to be a little part of it!

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