October Begins…

The Yorkshire Terrier

There are many little terrier dogs

Of every size and hue,

But the one I’d like to mention here

Is shaded tan and blue.

He’s a cocky little devil

And he isn’t any saint,

But a sappy little lap-dog

Is the very thing he ain’t!

He struts along the garden path

His eyes boot-button bright,

And God help any straying cat

That comes into his sight.

His owners fear no burglars

For every sound he hears,

The softest, quietest footsteps

Will not pass his pricked up ears.

And if he is disturbed at night

Or danger is at hand,

He makes more of a racket

Than a fifty piece brass band!

~ Author Unknown

Yes, this is our Dalton Lee…unfortunately!!

If you are a dog lover…we did another adorable post on Yappy Hour…click here.

Does our little our little stinker…remind you of anybody in YOUR family?

Happy October to You!

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16 thoughts on “October Begins…

  1. I love the Yorkie poem. Trinket used to be that energenic. Enjoy Dalton and his antics now while he is still young! He is precious.

  2. Laurie

    Enjoyed your poem and photos of your Terrier. Our son had a mix between a Lobsa and terrier. He looked a great deal like your dog. Unfortunately, Buster passed away last year. He was a great companion and friend. We watched him a lot and he was so precious and such a big part of our family.

    We certainly look forward to your Pride in Photos. Keep em coming. See you in late October.

    Love Bev Sent from my iPad

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