Thankful Thursday…

I have had “Pinking Thinking” the last couple of days…

In my workplace we have labeled this day as, “Thankful Thursday!”
For years…as each employee walks in…one of us yell out…
“It’s Thankful Thursday!!”

We all start laughing and it starts the morning off to a good beginning.  See even in the small things…like matching ice cream spoons…aren’t they adorable?…we can be thankful for even the tiniest of things.

The world is not in the best of place at this moment…so I find that to be thankful helps the spirit stay at peace.

Keep your eyes open to your mercies. The man who forgets to  be thankful has fallen asleep in life. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

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Can you share..ONE thing you are thankful for today?

Have a Thankful Thursday!


8 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday…

  1. Let’s see, hmmmm, I am thankful for open minded toddlers who try new foods! My little one had spaghetti for the first time a week ago and it was so exciting! Love to see her eating a variety of foods and getting all of those much needed vitamins!

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