Amazing Aquarium Visit…

We walked into the Newport Aquarium and this is the first thing we see…The BIG photo opportunity. Of course…I get all excited about the anticipation of seeing Nolan’s reaction…I forget to set the settings on my camera sigh! He fulfills Grammie’s expectation…the look on his face as he looks at his dad! You can just see him thinking…You Gotta to Be Kidding? This is what we are going to do?  You can tell he had different thoughts on this subject matter. He decided to be on the safe side and hang on to BOTH parents hands through this event!! He did start to relax a little…we put him on the jaws stand by himself and with his bottom lip sucked in…he looked out to all of us with the look…Now what do you want me to do?
The penguin display drew some of the biggest crowds at the aquarium! I LOVE penguins don’t you? Their distinct tuxedo-like appearance is called countershading, a form of camouflage that helps keep them safe in the water.  I never knew this.  Penguins are also social birds. Many species feed, swim and nest in groups. During the breeding season, some species form large groups, or “rookeries”, that include thousands of penguins. Each penguin has a distinct call, allowing individuals to find their mate and their chicks even in large groups. Also, can you believe that the MALE penguin takes care of the egg? Now ladies…Don’t you wish sometimes the human male would have to take their turn to do this?  One of the things that endear me to this species…is how playful they are! They love to slide down the icey hills on their bellies. I think the human race could learn a thing or two from these cute birds…learn to play in life and enjoy being with each other a little more! Now for the sharks let’s just say I don’t love them but I have great respect for them.
Here we see Ashley with “Mighty Mike the Alligator.” I think he was trying to give my baby a kiss! ugh… Mighty Mike travels all over the United States making his appearances in the aquariums of his choosing. This is the second visit for him at the Newport Aquarium. The 14-foot, 800-pound American alligator Mighty Mike, an estimated 50 to 80 years old, is fed three times a week.  Each meal will feature four to nine pounds of meat — chicken, rats, pork shoulder, turkey. Oh yum yum… Here is an interesting fact,  Alligators constantly lose and replace their teeth as they wear down, a gator can go through 3,000 teeth in a lifetime. All I could think of was the dentist bill!

The bottom photo is one of the many light fixtures in the ceiling of the Jelly Fish room. I found these so detailed and amazing!! The artist who designed this did such a great job replicating this species. The real Jelly Fish are typified as free-swimming marine animals consisting of a gelatinous umbrella-shaped bell and trailing tentacles. The bell can pulsate for locomotion, while stinging tentacles can be used to capture prey. The Jellyfish body consist of over 95% water; most of their umbrella mass is a gelatinous material—the jelly—called mesogloa which is surrounded by two layers of protective skin. Jellyfish are probably some of the most unusual and mysterious creatures that you’ll ever encounter. With their gelatinous bodies and dangling tentacles, they look more like something from a horror movie than a real animal. I think this is why as humans we find them so fascinating!
We had a grand time being all together and visiting this great aquarium. But after a long afternoon Grandpa consoled the tired “Little Man” he was ready to go home. He had seen enough animals and fun for a day.

What was your favorite display of this post?

Have you been to an aquarium lately? What was your best moment?

Make it a great day!


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15 thoughts on “Amazing Aquarium Visit…

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  2. thanx for a trip to the aquarium…’s quite a while since I’ve been…..and I really appreciated all the info and commentary, along with some great pix…..what a great day….

  3. I found this an interesting post – I am planning to visit our Aquarium soon with my grandson! Beautiful photos – and some interesting information (the male penguin guards the eggs?!) . I love the jelly fish image you shared on Mandarin Orange Monday. Great colour and what an amazing shape! Thank you for contributing to MoM 🙂

  4. The look on Nolan’s face is too precious! Love the pix of the jellies. I’m fascinated and love visiting aquariums …… the one in Atlanta is on my “bucket list.”

  5. I love your Jelly / Light photo, though I’ve always found Jellyfish to be so interesting! They come in all those shapes and colors. I like the photo you got of Mike kissing Ashley too!

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