Ride The Ducks…Newport Style

If you ever get a chance to do a RIDE THE DUCKS tour in your destination city…YOU MUST ATTEND THIS EVENT…Don’t pass go…JUST DO IT! This is our second time taking this tourists attraction when we are traveling. The first time is when we traveled to Boston. Someday, I hope to share those fabulous photos with you. Ride The Ducks…I have to tell you probably one of our favorite things to do on vacation! NO KIDDING!! Of course…some of it depends on your Driver and Master of Ceremonies, let me tell you on this trip…we received the grand prize with these two. Our driver’s name is Bill…He says, “Every duck needs a Bill!” hehehe…It’s the best way for families to tour the area because they combine fun and music with history and sights. All of us acted like kids as they dumped us into the Ohio River.

Wait for this commercial moment…did anyone notice “Little Man” looking at his mama while she blew on her Duck Beaker?…like she had lost her mind☺ IF you REALLY noticed without my prompt….please comment below. He tickles me blue…aah…the innocence  of being young.

Our Duck tours pass by many area landmarks and attractions, including:

  • Newport Aquarium
  • Newport on the Levee
  • World Peace Bell
  • Roebling Suspension Bridge
  • Serpentine Wall
  • Purple People Bridge
  • Paul Brown Stadium (home of the Cincinnati Bengals)
  • Great American Ballpark (home of the Cincinnati Reds)
    We learned so much…amazing how rich a city is in history and you retain it because… they were very entertaining!

After we left the Ohio River…they soldiered through downtown Cincinnati…so rich with history!

You can see the statues of the Pigs…I always love this…when you go to a metropolis city and see their theme throughout this one is called the Big Pig Gig 2000!

The Big Pig Gig, a public art initiative in the summer of  2000, brought local artists, businesses , community and arts organizations, schools and individuals together in an unprecedented way to celebrate Cincinnati’s porkopolis past.

More than 400 decorated fiberglass pigs were placed in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.

Of course…when we ran across the Cinderella Coach…this princess was ready to jump off to the next adventure!!!

We hope you enjoyed our “Ride the Ducks” Newport Tour….

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13 thoughts on “Ride The Ducks…Newport Style

  1. We have a Duck ride at one of Atlanta’s attractions but I have never been on it. Looks fun. Those quackers are so funny. I did notice the little guy giving the side eye! So funny.

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